Parker & Sons Comments on the Products of the Year

At the end of each year, Contractor Magazine identifies 10 products which it labels the best products of the year. These products are almost always related in some way to the HVAC or plumbing industries. These products are among the most cutting edge, innovative, or creative of any that hit the market over the course of the year. Each year, Parker & Sons looks at this list of top 10 products and considers how best to utilize them and make them part of the business. Parker & Sons comments on a selection of Contractor Magazine’s Top 10 Products of the Year.

Topping the list this year and holding the number one spot is the Therm and Greentherm Tankless Water Heater. The new 2015 model is now offered in classic Bosch White bringing them in line with the timeless and elegant look that Therm and Greentherm products have always been known for. Additionally, both the gas-fired and electric models either meet or exceed the DOE National Appliance Energy Conservation Act’s 2015 standards by providing an EF of .95 and .93 respectively.

Number two on this year’s list is a product that combines both beautiful style and innovative functionality. The Universal Nufit Bathtub Drain Cover can fit over any bathroom drain in the world. It is also corrosion resistant and designed to last for years and years. It features a high-flow grid strainer which prevents things like hair from getting down the drain and creating a clog.

Of all the products on Contractor Magazine’s Top 10 List, the Square Tub Filler may be Parker & Sons favorite. Edging in at number seven, this beautiful bathtub is truly unlike any other. The spout doubles as a hand shower which can be angled upwards to 60 degrees should tub owners wish to take a standing shower. The innovative tub design allows it to be installed in almost any bathroom around the world.

“At Parker & Sons we are always keeping a close eye on new product that are debuting over the course of the year. We make it a goal to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and design. That is just who we are. We refuse to fall behind the times. Our customers have learned that they can depend on us to deliver the most modern service available anywhere,” said Josh Kelly of Parker & Sons.

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