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For Phoenicians, a brief winter is coming to a close and temperatures have already started rising. The first 70-degree day occurred in late January. While the rest of the nation freezes and battles blizzards, Arizona residents are already thinking about summer. Summer comes hand in hand with rising energy bills costs. Parker & Sons, one of Phoenix’s leading HVAC service providers, is dedicated to saving Phoenix residents money as spring hurtles by and summer fast approaches. To accomplish this, Parker & Sons has turned their website into a source of savings.

“All you have to do to start saving is hop on over to our website at We offer a number of options in the interest of making things easy for people. First off, we offer our customers free online appointment scheduling which can save them 10 percent, up to $100. And that is just the start of the savings. Click over to our ‘Parker Coupons’ section to really start digging in. All of our classic coupons are offered there, like a coupon for a free A/C diagnostic with a valid repair. That right there is a $69 offer. We recently debuted electrical services. We have online coupons for that as well! You can receive $50 off an LED lighting upgrade. Talk about a deal!” said Josh Kelly of Parker & Sons

Customers interested in exploring the potential savings for themselves need only open the internet browser of their choice and type: into the search bar. Once they have the Parker & Sons website loaded up on their screen, they can scroll over to the right on click on ‘Parker Coupons” to begin exploring the online savings. Coupons can be printed with the click of a button.

Parker & Sons encourages anyone who would like to learn more to call (602)2-REPAIR. Parker & Sons representatives are more than happy to discuss the details and limitations regarding specific coupons.

Finally, online shoppers can receive a 5 percent discount on maintenance agreements and filters.

When it comes time to start scheduling inspections and tune-ups for air conditioning units, customers should keep Park & Sons in the front of their minds. When it comes to easy scheduling, fast, efficient service, and awesome savings, Parker & Sons may very well be Phoenix’s number one home service company.

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