Hastings & Hastings Speaks on Hit and Run Accidents

Accidents are stressful, scary, and abrupt impositions on everyday life. They can result injuries which can change your way of life forever. First and foremost, accident victims want to know that their rights can be defended and that they will have the opportunity to receive compensation for tragedy they have experienced. Often, this can become difficult in a hit and run accident. Hastings & Hastings speaks on hit and run accidents.

A hit and run accident is defined by the Department of Motor Vehicles as, “any accident in which a driver intentionally leaves the scene without providing contact information.” Hastings & Hastings notes that the Department of Motor Vehicles places an emphasis on intentionality.

Hastings & Hastings notes that the number one priority for an individual who has been the victim of a hit and run should be to gather as much information as possible. The end goal is to be able to identify the at-fault driver in order to hold them accountable. First, victims should be concerned with their health and wellbeing. They should pull over to the side of the road and call the authorities. Next, they should write down as much as they can remember regarding the accident. The should attempt to recall any details they can about the vehicle that hit them, focusing on make, model, color, and license plate. Without these details, Hastings & Hastings notes, identifying the at-fault driver could be very difficult.

When initially speaking with law enforcement officials, victims should explain that the other driver involved in the accident drove off. This will allow law enforcement officials to begin pursuit promptly.

If the at fault driver is never identified, drivers can file an uninsured motorist claim on their own policy, if they have that coverage. If the at-fault driver is identified, a claim can be made against the at-fault driver’s insurance.

“Accidents are always frustrating, and hit and run accidents are even worse. Hastings & Hastings is here to provide support, assistance, and guidance. These cases can be complex, but our legal team has extensive experience. Call us up and schedule a free, no obligation legal consultation to find out what your rights are as an accident victim,” said David Hastings, the founder of Hastings & Hastings.

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