Wyatt’s Hope Lemonade Stand:

Wyatt is a six-year-old with autism and like many kids his age he really wants a dog. But the dog Wyatt wants is one that can help him with the challenges he faces navigating his day. The world is a scary place when one’s ears and eyes see and hear everything without a filter. A services dog will be a devoted companion that will be specially trained for Wyatt’s needs. The dog will soothe him, offer unconditional love, and stand by his side in the face of a noisy chaotic world. This dog will help him achieve the things he wants in life.

When we found out that we needed to raise $12 500 (half the cost an autism services dog) in order for Wyatt to have the chance to receive a dog Wyatt said to me:

“Don’t worry Mom, I am going to run a lemonade stand”.

I actually thought to myself that would be impossible. How could a six-year-old sell over twelve thousand dollars’ worth of lemonade? But then I thought, who am I to tell him he can’t. With support anything is possible.

DATE: Saturday April 2, 2016, World Autism Awareness Day

Noon to 5 pm – Lemonade Sales and Lemonade Stand Reception Party
1 pm to 2 pm – two autism service dogs will be visiting Wyatt’s Lemonade Stand

LOCATION: 306 Garden Ave, Toronto 
(in between Roncesvalles and High Park, just up from the lake)

We ask that all guests donate a minimum of $10 towards the cause when buying their lemonade. Any donations above $20 will receive a charitable receipt. All profits raised will go towards Autism Dog Services

DONATE ONLINE: Buy a “virtual” glass of lemonade for $5 at https://www.canadahelps.org/en/pages/wyatts-hope-lemonade-stand/ in support of Wyatt (Donations above $20 will receive a charitable receipt)

UPDATE: Wyatt’s Hope Lemonade Stand has already sold 898 glasses of virtual lemonades in the past two weeks. He needs to sell 1600 more glasses to be eligible to receive an autism service dog. With support his dream really can come true.

VIDEO: Meet Wyatt in this video and see how charming, amazing, energetic and unique he is:


YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL2uyCzfQnciH0S7teElsJg

FACEBOOK PAGE: http://bit.ly/1RyqGju

AUTISM DOG SERVICES: Wyatt’s Hope Lemonade Stand is an official third party fundraising event for Autism Dog Serviceshttp://www.autismdogservices.ca/

MEDIA CONTACT FOR THIS EVENT: Kathleen Rea kathleenrea@rogers.com cell – 647 285 2595
Wyatt and his family welcome interviews and news coverage

Wyatt’s new purchase, a lemonade stand from Craig’s List

Wyatt at the Autism Dog Services puppy/dog meetup in Jan 2016, sitting calmly with guest dog Spencer in a busy gym!

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