Plant Now to Make Your Lawn a Perfect Pearl

Save water and energy while reducing atmospheric carbon with safe, sustainable, low maintenance turf

Wouldn’t anyone crave a lush, verdant lawn that uses 75% less water, stays green without toxic chemicals and takes  75% less mowing or only once a month mowing, compared to other lawns? Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed has unlocked the secret to growing “greener” and greener grass, when they announce their improved 4thgeneration, all natural grass Earth Day Weekend.

“It can be easy,” says Jackson Madnick, an award-winning environmental, grass, water and conservation expert…”You do not tear up the lawn, just spread the seed over your existing lawn to outcompete it.”

Pearl’s Premium founder Madnick developed a patented mix of native and adaptive grass seeds that grows slowly, forming dense turf with much deeper root systems than other grasses. Foot-deep roots enable Pearl’s Premium grasses to better tap into soil moisture and nutrients and resist insects, disease and salt. Deep roots and thick grasses outcompete weeds and pull more atmospheric carbon into the soil, called sequestration of carbon, doing their modest part to help reduce climate change.

Slow growth means far less mowing, saving dramatic amounts of time, money, effort and water. By eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides, Madnick’s grass seed enables users to grow lawns that are safe for children and pets.

Among 400,000 homes and businesses with this grass, Habit for Humanity, New York City’s Park Avenue greenway and the Bing Crosby Estate have something in common and are among the recent adopters who rave about this grass.

Pearl’s Premium as part of their giving back program, donates a ton of their beautiful dark green grass seed for use in lawns for 200 Habitat For Humanity homes in 2016 to benefit Wounded Warriors and others and their families all across the country, like in this Geneva, New York project to save water and time.

A non profit, The Fund for Park Avenue is a conservancy and beautification program that planted Pearl’s Premium in 33 blocks of the Park Avenue malls between 54th and 86th streets to establish a thriving green median without irrigation, to bring big green to the Big Apple (seen below).

And the Bing Crosby Estate (seen below) in drought-ridden California, just south of San Francisco used the Pearl’s Premium seed for an acre of green lawn that now requires no community water what so ever, thanks to slow growth, deep roots and a little ground water recovery.                        

In addition to flourishing in these recent lawns, Pearl’s grass is succeeding in all 50 United States, Canada, Europe & Middle East. Pearl’s Premium received rave reviews in Popular Science and Newsweek magazines, by master gardener’s writing for ABC, CBS and NBC TV and from home-improvement expert, Bob Vila who uses it in his home lawn.

For a safe, luxuriant, time, money, water and energy-saving lawn, purchase Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed at Whole Foods Markets and Costco stores in New England, quality garden centers throughout the U.S. or at

For more information about Pearl’s Premium, contact Jackson Madnick at (508) 653-0800.


Further info About Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Grass Seed:

Founder Jackson Madnick, inspired by his mother and daughter (both named Pearl) and their commitment to the environment, developed a special blend of grass seed that grows a lush, deep rooted lawn with 75% less water and 75% less mowing. Pearl’s Premium lawns require no chemicals, making them healthier for children and animals. Grown in all 50 states, Canada and Europe, these lawns sequester four times as much carbon as other grasses, helping to reduce climate change.

Due to the deep roots, Pearl’s also outcompetes most weeds without chemicals, as seen in the lawn below on the right. The lawn on the left is ordinary grass, chuck full of weeds in flower:

Pearl’s Premium was named one of three most important patented inventions by the Boston Museum of Science (although grows in all 50 states), won the International MassChallenge prize for innovation out of 446 entries from 26 countries and is the only grass to be awarded LEED credits from the U.S. Green Building Council. It was featured as the only lawn grass in the Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon, held in Irvine, California, out of 18 houses of the future on display.

To find out more about Pearl’s Premium, contact Jackson Madnick at (508) 653-0800.

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