Sukh Dhaliwal Liberal MP’s Auditor Gurminder Parihar CGA, Mum on Disclosures.

Vancouver BC.  Jeeni Sandhu  Sukh Dhaliwal Member Parliament from Surrey Newton defeated sitting NDP MP , Jinny Simms and hand picked by Jason Kenney, Conservative Candidate Harpreet Singh, in Federal Elections in 2015.
Recently it was reported in Vancouver Sun, The Province and Indo-Canadian Voice, how $ 6.4 Million dollars were transferred by Liberals and 4 other Big Parties, to their Candidates and Local Associations, by submitting over 6,000 Transfer files, by about 1,500 candidates, before March 31, 2016. However 200 Candidates have yet to File their Election expenses and returns by April 30, 2016.
Sukh Dhaliwal’s Assistant Campaign Manager for Surrey Newton, termed the disclosures as “Misleading”, where as his Auditor has refused to comment on the issue of transfer of $ 213,638 by Liberal Party to Sukh Dhaliwal’s, Surrey Newton Association. Transfer data also shows how complicated it can be to follow the money in the world of Election spending, which moves very quickly, between donors, Candidates, local Associations and Central Parties.
Surrey Newton resident Rajbir Mangat, suggested “Auditors of Sukh Dhaliwal, MP, Jinny Simms former NDP MP, and Conservative Candidate Harpreet Singh, should come clean on Election Finance and make it public to us”. ” They should not keep Mum on this “Misleading Finance”, quote by Al Payne.

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