For U.S. Army forces at Fort Irwin, California, Griffon Aerospace created a “surrogate, threat intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR)” fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) using its Outlaw G2 single-engine target drone as the foundation.  The new version, complete with stabilized camera system and satellite communications (SATCOM,) is called “Outlaw G2E.”  It took just 10 months to take the aircraft from concept to implementation.

Fort Irwin provides force-on-force and live-fire training for the Army, Air Force, and the Marines.  Outlaw G2E is tasked with providing simulated enemy forces with near peer-to-peer ISR capabilities. 

Colonel Kevin Jacoby, U.S. Army, said, “OUTLAW G2E UAS has been instrumental…in replicating the latest threat seen in the Operational Environment.”[i]

In training exercises the aircraft is used to determine friendly force distribution and to provide coordinates of high-value targets.  It also provides valuable information for After Action Review (AAR) purposes.

Rod Sheetz, a key member of NTC’s Operations Group, said “OUTLAW provides a great product…keep it coming!”[ii]

The conversion and use of the Outlaw G2E was done at a fraction of the cost of existing, tactical class UAS platforms.  In addition, progressive operations can be done such as flying 2 aircraft simultaneously with one loitering as a communications “relay tower” while the other completes an ISR mission.

Larry French, CEO/CTO of Griffon Aerospace said, “I’m very proud of the services, products and people who are launching us into a totally new competitive arena.”

Griffon will display the Outlaw family of aircraft this year at the Xponential/AUVSI trade show in New Orleans, 3-5 May.

More information about Griffon Aerospace can be found at    Contact Steve Smith, 415-601-5575.

[i] Join National Training Capability Newsletter, March 2016 Edition   Volume 2/Issue 3

[ii] Join National Training Capability Newsletter, March 2016 Edition   Volume 2/Issue 3


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