AmeriBen Medical Management Selects Essette

April 28, 2016

LONGMONT, Colorado, and MERIDIAN, Idaho
AmeriBen Medical Management, the in-house medical management department for AmeriBen, has elected to adopt the robust combination of Essette’s Utilization Management software module, its accompanying Fax Management module (a RightFax integration), and Essette’s Provider Portal module—a web-based trilogy made even more powerful paired with MCG’s industry-leading CareWebQI™, combined with Milliman’s CiteAutoAuth™ determination functionality. AmeriBen is a full-service TPA providing benefit plans for over 325,000 members throughout the United States. 

Known for providing effective, proven, and cost-efficient healthcare management services to a variety of client types across the nation, AmeriBen takes pride in its ever-constant focus on strategic flexibility and personal touch. Their mission extends beyond accurately administering benefits. The sophisticated requirements of this group—whose focus is on touching and improving lives—demands a nimble, intelligent solution. Out-of-the-box, Essette’s built-in adaptability allows AmeriBen to move away from their current homegrown system and quickly implement the built-in resources of Essette’s full Utilization Management feature suite. In addition, the agility of Essette’s software system provides AmeriBen staff with an opportunity to increase overall efficiency, with the added flexibility that allows them to configure workflows to meet their organization’s unique and specific needs. 

“We are excited to welcome AmeriBen to the Essette family,” says Marc Lawrence, SVP of Business Development at Essette. “As with many of our clients, AmeriBen needs the ability to scale quickly, on-demand to accommodate their growing client base. Not only does Essette provide a system that can easily meet such a diverse range of business needs, we are honored to partner with an organization who shares our vision: one of creating trusted alliances designed to improve healthcare and the lives we serve.” 

“We are excited to partner with Essette who shares our core purpose of changing lives,” says Pam Vannoy, Director of Medical Management at AmeriBen. “This sophisticated technology will enable us to continue to seamlessly expand our comprehensive, compassionate services to our members while maintaining integrated, strategic flexibility for our clients. The Essette software is a highly customizable platform which provides unprecedented efficiency and flexibility to meet our business needs.”

Essette contact:
Tiffanie Lenderman, SVP Client Services
(303) 500-7133
AmeriBen contact:
Cathy Summers, Marketing Supervisor
(208) 947-9551

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