Lipstick Mountains Press Gets Bronze 2016 eLit Award for Erotic Fiction, “Chelsea Matinee – Memoirs of an Easy Woman” by B. K. Smith.

B.K. Smith authors “The Lipstick Mountains Memoirs” in which Chelsea Matinee is #1 in the series. Sands Point – Memoirs of a Money Trader is #2; Rattle Snake Lodge – Memoirs of a Seeing Woman is #3. The newest addition, Second Chance Ranch II – The Meaning of Ordeal is #4, and will be out summer 2016.

Lipstick Mountains Press is a boutique press. It publishes fiction and photography. It is a division of Madison Avenue Publishers, a small, cottage industry publishing house.

The 2016 eLit Award is dedicated to honoring the best e-books published each year for the entire North American market. Smith says to place third in erotic fiction in a very competitive market is a thrill, because she set out to write the “cleanest dirty book ever.” For something to be erotic it must be forbidden. As we mature as readers, the visuals matter more and more until the only stimulant that will do is the suggestion. In book #2, Sands Point – Memoirs of a Money Trader, the writing style is more descriptive and straightforward. It is a story of deception and Wall Street drama.

Each book stands alone with a different cast of characters. They are contemporary female heroes: complex, flawed and steeped in strength, curiosity, sexuality and intellect. The author is skilled in capturing the spirit of these women, portraying them as sympathetic, tragic and darkly powerful. Attention to small details is what elevates these stories. Each scene is painted in vivid color, and it is easy to lose yourself amongst the powerful imagery. The writing is poetic, rhythmic and verily voluptuous.

B.K. Smith has done a very difficult thing–created a body of work in which each story is a narrative that is rich and full and blissfully decadent, but also has substance. The books deal with themes modern women will identify with such as learning to master the skills required to navigate a world of powerful men, where they must balance sex and purity along with faith and reason in order to own their femininity and vulnerability, and ultimately emerge as intelligent, thoughtful, and capable women. Brilliant and evocative writing; this romance noir is classy, sexy and seductive.

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