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Hastings & Hastings Speaks on the Importance of Evidence in Accident Cases

When it comes to resolving a personal injury accident cases, evidence is essential. Often, negligence must be established before a settlement can be reached. Essential, someone must be found at fault. Hastings & Hastings, Arizona’s Premier Discount Accident Lawyers, has over 35 years of experience protecting the rights of accident … [Read more...]

Hastings & Hastings Encourages Safe Driving Habits

– Hastings & Hastings, Arizona’s Premier Discount Accident Lawyers, has been defending the rights of accident victims in Phoenix for over 35 years. In addition to supporting accident victims and fighting to see that they receive the financial compensation they deserve, Hastings & Hastings has made their mission to make Phoenix … [Read more...]

New Reflective Dog Leash from SJS Direct Launches, Receives Five Stars from Amazon Shoppers

SJS Direct, the company that produces Amazon best-selling SafetyPUP Urban and SafetyPUP XD reflective dog vests, is announcing the launch of the SafetyPUP Reflective Rope Leash, a brand new product that provides conscientious dog owners with an affordable and easy to use safety option when taking evening strolls with their pet.“The reality is … [Read more...]

Canada Support in India’s NSG Bid, extends PM Modi’s term in South Block-Vikram Bajwa

Vancouver BC. Canada. Margaret Smith. "India's role in International Nuclear commerce is bound to keep growing in strength as the size of India's fleet of nuclear power plants, already one of the world's largest, rapidly increases", Canad's acting High Commissioner Jess Dutton, said the Media.Canada is working actively to create a consensus for … [Read more...]

Trade Group for Manufactured Housing Under Fire For Failing Mission, Legislative Agenda

“The Manufactured Housing Institute has been leading the campaign to bring more lenders into the manufactured housing market for years.”-- Lesli Gooch, Senior V.P. of Government Affairs, MHI “How does one explain the repeated failures by MHI staff to embrace options and opportunities, or new lenders … that could lead … [Read more...]

Black Diamond Advanced Technology’s Forward Air Control Utility Suite receives Fielding Authorization from USSOCOM

CHANDLER, Arizona – Black Diamond Advanced Technology, LLC (BDATech) is proud to announce that the Modular Tactical System (MTS) and Forward Air Control - Utility Suite (FAC-US) received a Fielding Authorization from USSOCOM. The MTS/FAC-US received vigorous laboratory and field-testing from the Air National Guard Air Force Reserve Test … [Read more...]

Boston Globe: Manufactured Homes Can “Open a Lot of Doors” to Affordable Housing

"In Massachusetts, there is a wealth of research being done on housing  shortfalls – now and anticipated."-- Mary McBrady, executive director of the Massachusetts Manufactured Housing Association Boston, Mass.  June 27, 2016 -- Mary McBrady has her finger on the pulse of America's housing shortage.And as the executive director … [Read more...]

Parker & Sons Offers Extensive Range of Home Electrical Services

Phoenix, the sixth largest city in the nation is home to over 4 million individuals. The Valley of the Sun is one of the fastest growing major metropolitan centers in the United States. Every year, thousands of individuals choose to make this desert jewel their home. Parker & Sons, a Phoenix institution founded in 1974 is proud to offer an … [Read more...]

Hastings & Hastings Offers Post-Accident Advice

– Hastings & Hastings has been defending the rights of accident victims across the state of Arizona for over 35 years. With decades of experiencing providing representation in accident cases, Hastings & Hastings knows that automobile accidents are shocking, disorienting, chaotic, and confusing events. Individuals who have been … [Read more...]

Rahul Manchanda – Men’s Rights Attorney

Rahul Manchanda - Men’s Rights AttorneyThe past 20 years have been horrific for men’s rights in America. After then Senator Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton’s enactment and passage of the Violence Against Women’s Act (“VAWA”) in 1994, there has been a virtual holocaust of men in the United States, as … [Read more...]