Bipolar Disorder Residential Treatment

In a news media environment where actors like Richard Dreyfuss, actress such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and singers like Demi Lovato are speaking out about their mental illness which as has been treated successfully, the Maureen J Meehl Bipolar/BPD Foundation is a 501©3 that has been specializing in Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder since May 30th of 2005. Many treatment centers say that they treat Bipolar Disorder and Addiction but the Meehl Foundation is the only residential program in the United States that has done it consistently for 11 years as an “Intensively Trained Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Team” and an “Amen Brain Healthy Treatment Program.” By taking only 4 clients at a time for a minimum 90 days the DBT residential treatment can be specialized for each unique person, focusing on their positive qualities and enhancing them.  Women with trauma and low self-esteem can only recovery when they start to feel more confident and self-competent.  Mental health treatment should never feel punishing.  There also should never be a cookie cutter approach to treating people with mental illness.

The Meehl House provides a supportive peaceful environment in which the brain can heal.  Each woman with bipolar disorder will receive reliable emotional support with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) as she begins to experience healthy ways to experience her mood and emotions. Our staff takes a holistic approach, including an Amen Trained Doctor that applies the knowledge of SPECT images, which integrates brain science, to support women who suffer the ups and downs of bipolar disorder in finding stability. Many people with BD also have Depression and Anxiety that triggers addictive behavior patterns; this requires an assertive comprehensive approach to help our clients learn new coping behaviors. 

Clients’ learn new skills for achieving and maintaining emotional regulation with access to the Meehl Foundation Intensively Trained DBT Team. They develop distress tolerance skills and learn how to take control of their thoughts and their actions all in a loving up-scale home environment, where each client is treated with kindness and compassion. 

At the Meehl House, in an supportive atmosphere, that never feels clinical or institutional, we create an individual plan for a wholistic balanced approach to mental wellness with; Psychological testing and assessment, Hypnosis, acupuncture, SPECT images,  hair follicle testing for vitamins and mineral, hormone balancing, and nutrition counseling.  Most important, residents learn how to take back and create a life that is fulfilling and rewarding.

As a non-profit 501c3 the Meehl Foundation has scholarships available.  If you would like more information on our scholarships or on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy please contact Debra Meehl, DD 979.798.7972


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