Christy Clark violates NAFTA, on BC Foreign Tax,will repeal if voted in Victoria- BC Peoples Party

Vancouver BC. Diana Maddison. Premier Christy Clark, has levied a penalty tax forcing non-Canadian purchasers of residential real estate in Greater Vancouver Regional District to pay additional 15 percent tax on all purchases registered effective August 2,2016. This penalty tax discriminates by definition and violates the North American Free Trade Agreement ( NAFTA) and other Canadian trade agreements which prohibit Provincial governments from imposing discriminatory policies that punish American and Mexican Citizens. other Foreigners while exempting Canadian Citizens. NAFTA national treatment obligation requires that citizens from other NAFTA partners investing in B.C. receive the same treatment from the BC Government as the very best treatment received by Canadians. Americans and Mexicans forced to pay the 15 per cent penalty tax would be able to pursue direct compensation for B.C.’s discriminatory tax from an independent International Tribunal.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will face a legal challenge on his relations with United States and Mexico, which BC Premier Christy Clark’s government has violated. Canada’s Foreign Minister Stephen Dion, will raise objections to the penalty of 15 per cent next week, as per NAFTA Agreement.

British Columbia Peoples Party, president Vikram Bajwa, is the only Political Party, which is against the 15 percent penalty tax on foreigners. Bajwa claims ” BC Liberals fell into the Trap laid by NDP”, on affordable housing, which they have ignored for the last 7 years”. In 2015 Real estate, residential and commercial purchase in Greater Vancouver and Mainland areas, namely cities Vancouver, Victoria, Richmond, Surrey, Langley, New Westminister, Burnaby, Abbottsford, was 94 Billion dollars, with Foreign purchase a mere $ 1 billion dollars, “where is the fear of Foreigners buying British Columbia”, exclaimed Bajwa. NDP is racking up the issue as they have no other agenda for the provincial election in 2017 and B.C.Liberals, have lost the LNG Dreams for providing jobs in BC. “We will repeal the Foreigner 15 per cent tax if voted to power in 2017”, said Bajwa, while providing a strong plan for affordable housing. BC had surplus budget of $ 730 Million in 2016 but less than $ 10 Million, for affordable housing.

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