ASL Services Inc. – Communication Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Inc. Urges Deaf Driver Identification Law In Wake of Fatal NC Police Shooting


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Kissimmee, FL:  August 29, 2016.  ASL Services Inc. (ASLS) in conjunction with its not for profit group, Communication Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Inc. (CCDHH)  and video relay service affiliate,  GlobalVRS, have urged North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory to seek passage of a Deaf driver identification law, in the wake of Wednesday’s deadly shooting of a Deaf individual near Charlotte, NC.   In a letter sent to Governor McCrory, Angela Roth, ASLS CEO, and Tanya Velasquez, CCDHH President, stressed how a Florida law that ASLS and CCDHH proposed and actively promoted, ensured that Deaf Florida residents do not need to fear the fate of Daniel Kevin Harris, victim of the fatal shooting.   ASLS and CCDHH are asking North Carolina and other states to pass similar laws. 


“We worked closely with Florida Senator Darren Soto (D-Orlando) and other legislators to introduce and pursue passage of the “Deaf Floridians ID Bill,” ensuring that law enforcement officers may clearly recognize via data base driver is Deaf and immediately understand why that individual may be unresponsive to officers’ verbal requests ” Ms. Roth said.  “The senseless killing of a Deaf individual in North Carolina could well have been prevented by this law.  Now is the time for all states to pass Deaf ID bills,” she said.  


The Deaf Floridians ID Bill requires

  • Deaf drivers be given an option to request that their licenses identify them as Deaf drivers and be placed on a Deaf driver data base, also required under the new law;
  • law enforcement officers to obtain an interpreter before questioning or arresting a Deaf individual;
  • basic Deaf interaction skills training for law enforcement officers.

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