Ellms-Dougherty Group: a Diverse Real Estate Team That Cares About Community

Morris County Real estate agents Michael Elms and Mary Dougherty team up after 10 years of knowing each other when they formed their partnership two and a half years ago. They are both heavily involved in their community and care very deeply about helping people. They also found their diverse backgrounds and differing personalities gave them the ability to complement each other and appeal to many clientele. These traits would help them create the award winning Elms-Dougherty Group at RE/MAX Properties Unlimited.

Michael Elms, who is a Certified Luxury Home Specialist and a Certified Negotiations Expert, had been in business for 14 years as a residential and commercial Realtor while Mary had been working in Corporate relocation, where her negotiation skills were in high demand and was already certified as a senior real estate specialist. Michael says, “Mary’s dynamic personality lights up a room and helps her make an authentic connection with clients, while my approach is a bit more reserved. Clients appreciate Mary’s outgoing nature while they simultaneously gravitate to my experience, analytical nature and ability to guide the process with thoughtful insights.”

After joining forces, Michael Elms and Mary Dougherty have built a diverse team that currently has eight licensed agents. The Elms-Dougherty Group is made up of full-time agents of different backgrounds, ages and genders that help make a strong connection with clients whether buying or selling.

Having full-time agents benefits their clients of The Elms-Dougherty Group immensely. There is always a team member available to help when needed and clients value their different skills and insights; the team is always in action and no client ever feels unattended. Michael Elms, Mary Dougherty and each member of The Elms-Dougherty Group are individually strong agents, but when they work together they are able to combine their skill sets to make sure all details receive attention and every aspect of each individual transaction is taken under consideration. The team believes that “When you are working with someone’s equity, you should have a full-time focus on it.”

Michael Elms and Mary Dougherty also find that clients notice and appreciate their different strengths, When Michael and Mary are on real estate appointments or servicing clients, their energies and focus work really well together. People are attracted to warmth and relationships, but they also want to make sure that someone is really thoughtful and mindful about the process. Mary is very skilled at negotiating and we have the analytical piece with Michael.

Recognizing and respecting each other’s strengths has helped them build an award-winning real estate group, including being in the Top 10 RE/MAX teams in New Jersey. Their focus on community and having a strong, diverse team is leading them into another successful year helping their clients in the greater Morris County area.

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