Arvind Kejriwal should Resign as AAP Convenor – NRI Vikram Bajwa

San Francisco. CA. Jas Sandhu Aam Admi Party, which had emerged as the Third Front in Punjab, has shamed the NRI’s, with being so self centered and unorganized. The disclosures made by AAP., Convenor Punjab Sucha Singh Chottepur, on the set up of AAP Punjab Committee, has left no room for Chief Minister Delhi Arvind Kejriwal, to run the affairs in Punjab via remote control.

AAP has also violated State Punjab Election laws on Financing, with no regular appointee as their Treasurer in Punjab. NRI’s in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver had been donating Funds to AAP, for Punjab Elections, not knowing the Funds were used for Goa, Gujarat and U.P. Elections. ” How can CM. Delhi Arvind Kejriwal betray us on Financial matters”, said Hardeep Grewal of San Francisco. NRI. Amarbir Gill of Los Angeles, wants his $ 1,000 refunded, which was collected by his 8 Friends, during the visit of Sukhpal Khaira.

NRI Vikram Bajwa of Vancouver summed it up ” CM Delhi Arvind Kejriwal AAP, Convenor should immediately resign as Convenor, appoint a full time AAP Punjab Committee, he cannot wear 5 Hats at the same time”, said Bajwa. AAP has the potential to clean the Punjab Politics and the Drug Issue, but Kejriwal, needs to fix his house first, said Raman Kaur of New York. “I am surprised how Modi Government did not object to AAP, Financial violations in NRI and Punjab Election codes”, exclaimed Vinod Bhandari of Chicago.

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