A New Level of Excellence for Corporate and Military Binders


WARWICK, NY and LAS VEGAS, NV, September 06, 2016 – Impact Enterprises, Inc., a Woman-owned business, announced its New Level of Excellence program for binder presentation covers designed for Military and Corporate customers. Working with materials that are closely aligned with environmental initiatives, Impact has created outstanding Corporate and Military binder covers, presentation folders, and gifts that fulfill the demands, needs, and desires expressed by these customers. Impact’s competency and innovative energies allow it to merge demands, needs, and wants into one superior product that reflects a level of excellence and standard of quality that underlines its international reputation for quality, design, and service.  According to Bobi Hamilton, Impact’s CEO, “Demands, needs, and desires of customers need to be carefully defined and understood in order to produce a successful product. We pride ourselves not only on our resolve to understand these differences, but also on our innovative manufacturing that allows us to address them.” 

In its ongoing efforts to support socially responsible initiatives for its customers worldwide, Impact continually researches new materials for uniqueness, durability, environmental accountability, and availability.  Impact strives to offer customers an ever-growing selection of new and appropriate materials.

Recognized as a role model for small businesses through product innovation, design innovation, and material innovation; through environmental responsibility; through customer service, and through compassion and humanity, Impact continually works to make a difference.  According to Ralph Salisbury, Sr. V.P., “Our Corporate Responsibility endeavors are impressive, particularly for a small business. We work hard to acknowledge the reality of challenges that face all of us in today’s world, and believe our focused initiatives and donations may contribute, albeit in a small way, to eventual resolution for some of these challenges.” 

About Impact Enterprises, Inc.:  A woman owned company (WBENC certified and WOSB certified) and headquartered in NY,  Impact Enterprises, Inc. is an internationally respected designer and manufacturer of custom presentation products such as binder covers, sales kits, menu covers, guest directory covers, and other custom presentation products.  Impact’s products are known for their creative designs and environmentally responsible materials.

For more information, please write to green@impactenterprises.com, or

Telephone 845-988-1900 to speak with one of our design consultants, Fax 845-988-1910, or

visit our website:  www.impactenterprises.com  .

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