Blue Marble Health Launches Fall Prevention App for Seniors




Altadena, CA, based healthtech innovator plans to prevent a million falls

Altadena, CA, September 23, 2016: Blue Marble Health today announced its release of a fall prevention app for seniors, Health in Motion. Tied to coincide with National Fall Prevention Awareness Day (September 22), the app was funded by the National Institutes of Aging. Blue Marble Health’s goal is to prevent 1 million falls. If they accomplish this, they could save a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort for many and prevent death caused by falling for some. With the average cost of a non-fatal fall being $9780, they could save our healthcare system over $9.8B in 5 years (or nearly $2B/year).

Health in Motion enables seniors to take charge of their health by safely self-assessing their fall risk from the privacy of their own home. Seniors can complete simple yet scientifically valid fall risk assessments, using a simple PC based touch screen. Seniors are guided through the app by an on-screen avatar. Seniors can also use the app to track falls and circumstances of the fall, if they occur.

Health in Motion also contains exercise programs to help improve balance, strength and coordination, leading to reduced falls.

“This app has changed my life” said Jayne, a recent user. “Now I know what my fall risk is and now I have the tools to reduce my fall risk.”

“I did not realize I was at risk for falls. Knowing that I have difficulty standing on one leg is an eye opener, can I have the app?” asked 90 year old Mr. Ashford, who was skiing in Taos just months before his fall. “Now I will practice balancing every day.”

“We plan to use the app with our telemedicine program”, said Karen Duddy of the Long Beach VAMC. “Often times older veterans have difficulty getting to the VA Hospital, so offering a tool for them to use in the home is essential.”

“Health in Motion is a groundbreaking tool for digital aging research,” remarked Dr. Elizabeth Zelinski Professor of Gerontology and Director of the Center for Digital Aging at the University of Southern California. “We can now capture self-reported data in real time, in the participant’s home environment. Until now, we have not had a comprehensive tool to capture the number of falls and the circumstances around those falls. I suspect we will find that the true number of falls that occur is far beyond what is currently reported.”

Health in Motion helps seniors identify fall risk and provides the exercises needed to reduce their fall risk,” said Blue Marble’s CEO, Sheryl Flynn PT, PhD.  “If seniors across the country used this app, we could help prevent millions of falls each year.” Falls are a leading cause of disability and death in older adults. This app empowers older adults to become aware of their fall risk which will motivate some to seek a comprehensive fall risk assessment and to follow through with completing their exercise programs. Some older adults have been exercising for years and lack a tool to assess if the exercises they are doing helps to reduce their falls- no longer. With Health in Motion, seniors can check their fall risk as often as they wish.

The app is available for download from for $99/year on Windows (07, 08, 10) tablets or computers; iOS and Android versions are in production.

Research reported in this publication was supported by the National Institute On Aging of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number R44AG043191. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.”



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