India Action in POK, has NRI’s Moral support, Modi hailed Hero in New York, Toronto.& London.

New York USA. Shruti Gupta. Prime Minister of India Narender Modi approved a Surgical Operation in Militant camps, under Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, with prior approval of Intelligence forces of the West.

BJP is contesting Elections in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Non Resident Indians, abroad are predominantly from Punjab and Gujarat have voiced their opinion on Modi’s actions in POK, supporting India’s Foreign incursions, to settle the 70 Year old dispute in Kashmir. No immediate territorial gains are expected for India, but this is a Moral fight against the attacks on Indian Army in URI, Jammu and Kashmir, where 18 Indian soldiers were killed by 8 Militants. India’s main Opposition party Indian National Congress, which only has 44 Member Parliament,were not consulted on the Military action, leaving no choice for Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, to endorse Modi’s plans.

Over 58 NRI Organisations in united States and Canada, via Whattsap and Facetime, have endorsed Prime Minister Modi’s and General Dalbir Singh’s,latest incursions, but with words of Caution for NRI’s residing in London, Luton, Birmingham, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Surrey, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Washington DC, where there are large Pakistan Overseas residents. ” There is a mood to retaliate against NRI’s of India, strongly feels IAPAC, President Sunil Thapar, Indian Overseas Congress President George Abraham has words of caution and alertness for Indians in New York, Overseas BJP Secretary Ravi Goyal, while justifying the incursions, also feels , its time for ” High Alert”, in India.

BC Peoples President Vikram Bajwa, who hails from border district of Gurdaspur, where the villages are being evacuated, remembers the 1971 India Pakistan War, which lasted for 2 weeks, amidst great losses to business and farmers of Amritsar, Ferozepur and Gurdaspur. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was forced to go into POK, but the Army General should have a strong safety plan in place, due to Pakistan’s Nuclear capabilities”, said Bajwa. “We want peace between India and Pakistan and blame the United Nations for its ongoing conflict in Kashmir”, said Harminder Dhaliwal of London’s Commerce Chamber.

Kashmir conflict after the Assassination of Burhan Wani, has people of Kashmir mistrust the India Government, with Hurriyat leaders boycotting the All party conference and Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif, calling in the UN for Plebiscite in Kashmir. International media is closely watching India Pakistan reactions to URI and Surgical attacks in POK., exclaimed CNB reporter Mark Hudson.

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