Dairy Farming Families are suffering immeasurable financial pressures bought on by devastating drop at the farm gate of milk prices especially in Victoria and Tasmania by milk processors Fonterra and Murray Goulburn who incidentally made profits for their shareholders. Some Dairy Farming Families have already had to leave the industry and many more are on the brink of financial ruin. Abnormal rain events over the past three months in Victoria and Tasmania have increased pressure as farmers resort to hand feeding their cows, problem is many farmers can’t afford to but in hay because they are not being paid for their milk, many Dairy Farmers are running at a loss.
Aussie Helpers have assisted hundreds of Dairy Farming Families with more than three thousand round bales of hay delivered directly to farms in need free of any charge to help keep their cows fed and farms operating.

The Federal Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, was approached as were several other Politicians for some financial assistance for Aussie Helpers to continue with our aid program for Dairy Farmers but regrettably all our request have met with a negative result.

Barnaby Joyce Response:

Whilst Politicians are reluctant to assist our Farming Families they go to the extreme in looking after themselves. Below are the top five Politicians expense spending from January 2015 to June 2015, just six months spending on themselves?

Michael Keenan Liberal $737,742.00
Barnaby Joyce National $726,305.00
Susan Ley Liberal $670,897.00
Adam Brandt Green $609,118.00

The question is”Are these Politicians more important than the farmers who grow the food they eat”.
The time is coming for Farmers to unite and do something for FOOD SECURITY AND FARM GATE PRICES in Australia.

Further information: Brian Egan 0488 123 400

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