Patient Readiness Institute (PRI) works with the American Red Cross to implement MyBloodHealth® system to provide “patient specific blood management” for patients having surgery.

Minneapolis, MN.–

Since 2012, the Patient Readiness Institute (PRI) has provided a simple, reliable, outsourced

peri-operative “blood health” optimization solution for surgical patients that minimizes the

likelihood of anemia before surgery, transfusion and other potentially adverse events. The

American Red Cross is working with PRI to deploy and co-manage this new direct patient care

pilot program in a selected group of hospitals nationally. The program will initially be

deliverd as a peri-operative care program, with possible future service expansion beyond the

hospital footprint to manage anemia in millions of patients with chronic illness.


PRI’s CEO Kathrine Frey, MD states, “We are excited to work with the Red Cross to deliver

efficient and reliable “blood health” care for surgical and other patients, wherever they

reside. Our efforts will allow the Red Cross to help patients better prepare for

surgery and to leave the hospital with blood counts similar to patients who currently receive



Red Cross’s Vice President – Patient Services, Geoffrey Kaufmann, states, “In an evolving healthcare environment, the Red Cross remains dedicated to leadership and innovation in delivering first-class patient services, including improved anemia management, to patients preparing to undergo surgery and patients with chronic anemia.”


PRI’s proprietary program follows a personal but virtual care process, MyBloodHealth®.

MyBloodHealth® uses risk- stratification, clinical decision-support, predictive algorithms, and

an end-to-end patient management application to efficiently diagnose and treat poor blood

health and decrease peri-surgical and chronic anemia risks.


PRI has provided care for nearly 3,000 patients at three major hospitals and a leading

orthopedics practice, and is expanding to other sites. Transfusion rates decreased 75% and

more than 20% of evaluated patients needed infusion therapy for pre-surgical anemia.

Patients, surgeons and hospital executives have been pleased with the results, program ease

of use and reliable care.

For more information contact Jason Carney, COO, Patient Readiness Institute at 941-962-5663 or email at




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