Charge Anywhere adds Level III Purchase Cards, EBT and Supermarket Certification

Charge Anywhere, LLC®, an experienced provider of EMV payment software and services has recently expanded its platform to support three new services: Level III Purchase cards, Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) acceptance and Supermarket transactions.  These expanded transactions types will enable merchants using our QuickSale® software and ComsGate® Payment Gateway to lower card processing costs and increase payment options for their customers.

Supporting Level III Purchase Cards for government contract suppliers and merchants that focus on business to business selling will allow merchants to qualify for the lowest credit card interchange costs for each purchasing card presented. 

Our QuickSale Payment Application and ComsGate Payment Gateway have been enhanced to accept electronic benefits transactions.  EBT programs such as WIC and SNAP are widely used in the US and enabling EBT transactions will provide great value to our customers.

QuickSale is now available for Supermarket merchants who are looking for an EMV/Chip card payment solution on Android, Apple and Windows operating systems.  For integrators seeking to provide an integrated EMV and POS solution for supermarkets, Charge Anywhere offers a free EMV software developer kit which can be easily integrated with any application.

“These new certifications for Level III purchasing cards, EBT and Supermarket transactions underscore Charge Anywhere’s continuing commitment to add features and functions to our product line for our merchants and payment processing partners. Our QuickSale software now supports multiple payment modes including EMV, mag stripe, NFC, and EBT on multiple EMV terminals,” commented Paul Sabella, CEO of Charge Anywhere.  “We have many great payment application solutions for merchants wanting to drive down their costs of processing credit cards.”


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