Parker & Sons reminds residents of pool safety importance

Parker & Sons has been serving the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area for just over forty years, assisting valley residents when it comes to any HVAC, plumbing, and electrical problems, tune ups, and replacements. However, ever since Parker & Sons was founded by Grandpa (Jack) and Faye Parker in 1974, the company has made it their mission to be as involved in the larger community as possible. With the weather expected to warm up within the upcoming weeks, Parker & Sons has made an effort to remind valley residents of pool safety tips for the spring and summer seasons.

“Even though we don’t work with pools in particular, nearly every Phoenix resident has a pool… I have a pool, many of our team members have pools, which is why everyone needs a reminder of pool safety tips from time to time,” said Parker & Sons representative, Justine Kelly.

Kelly went on to state that one of the most important pool safety tips, if not the most important tip, is to make sure that you have a fence around your pool area. Whether you have children or not, having your pool fenced off is a necessary safety precaution that everyone should take. The US government actually recommends that pool fences be at least four feet in height to meet the minimum safety recommendation.

Additionally, all pool and spa drain covers, whether they be in your own backyard or in a public space, should be compliant with regulation standards. Not only will this help to avoid a potential law suit if any issues were to arise, but these regulations are in place to reduce things like clogging or further drain and plumbing problems.

Kelly also went on to talk about how children should never be left alone near the water. An adult who knows how to swim should always be present when children of all and any age are in or around the pool. “… It is also a good idea to become CPR certified… so many tragedies can be avoided if people knew how to handle these kinds of situations,” said Kelly.

As a final note, Kelly wishes everyone a fun, happy, and safe summer.

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