Water Poverty: The Next “Oil” Crisis | Energy Book

Water Poverty: The Next "Oil" Crisis

Water Poverty:  The Next “Oil” Crisis   |  Energy Book

ATLANTA, GA. – A water crisis on our immediate horizon is destined potentially to hurt – even kill – millions of people, and the window of opportunity to do something about it is rapidly closing. There is, however, a glimmer of hope that could turn into rays of sunshine. Water is a commodity, and we have just come through some painful times dealing with the shortage of another commodity – energy. For those who lived through the “energy crisis,” this book offers a brief trip down memory lane. For those who must address the coming water crisis, you are offered a guided tour which highlights rare glimpses into some striking similarities we can draw from our energy experiences. In retrospect, those experiences could help us cope with the water poverty that is fast approaching. More importantly, there is probably no group better equipped to deal with the challenges ahead than energy engineers. This book will examine our energy history and glean helpful lessons to bolster our efforts to address water poverty. The opportunity exists to use what we have learned and lead our nation and the world through some potentially dark days ahead into a truly water sustainable future.

About the Author

SHIRLEY  J. HANSEN, Ph.D has been at the heart of our struggles to manage energy since the 1970s. She was cited by Congress in the Congressional Record in 1976 for bringing the schools’ energy concerns to the attention of Congress, and never looked back.  She is credited with getting the law passed that funded the Institutional Conservation Program. In 1980, she became the Director of the Schools and Hospitals Conservation Division at the US Department of Energy. Later, she chaired both the board of IPMVP and AEE’s CMVP certification board. She and her company have been widely recognized nationally and internationally for leadership in energy management, energy efficiency financing and a strong advocacy for performance contracting.

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Title: Water Poverty:  The Next “Oil” Crisis

Format: 6×9” Illustrated, Hardcover, 230 Printed Pages

ISBN: 0-88173-759-3

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