Lizz Chambers Appointed CHA/CHE Vice President of Associate Engagement at Newport Hospitality Group

For Immediate Release

January 26, 2017 (Williamsburg, VA) – Newport Hospitality Group, Inc. (NHG) announced the appointment of Lizz Chambers as Vice President of Associate Engagement. Prior to this, Lizz has worked with NHG for over 20 in various positions. NHG is a leading hotel management company specializing in select and full-service hospitality brands.

Lizz joined NHG in the 1990s to develop the Human Resources and Training Department for the then young management company. She served NHG in that capacity until 2008 when she took on the additional duties of Sales and Marketing. She was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Organizational Development where she oversaw the Human Resource Department, assisted the Director of Human Resources with training, and worked with the Corporate Regional Sales Managers to supervise the sales and marketing efforts for NHG’s then 30-plus hotels.

“As we now exceed 40 hotels, we find it is even more important to continue developing an engaged workforce. In the current challenging and competitive business environment, learning and development have never been more important as a means to keep employees engaged and to maintain an advantage in the marketplace. In this newly created position, Lizz will return to her training roots,” said Wayne West, Chief Operations Officer.

Lizz believes passionately in the value of training, not only to ensure excellent guest service, but also as a means to let NHG’s associates know how much they are valued. According to Lizz, “It is imperative that associates feel valued, confident, inspired and empowered in order for them to be truly engaged. These emotions cannot be attained unless you build strong relationships with your associates. Actively engaged associates are fully aware and secure in the knowledge that they are valued as people first and foremost.  NHG’s culture is designed to allow our associates to thrive. And in order to do this, we must connect with them through knowledge of their personal values, goals and passions before we can set organizational goals that encompass our shared objectives. That is one of the most important distinctions between leadership and management.”

Lizz is responsible for managing and supporting the assessment of organizational needs as well as the design, implementation and evaluation of programs and learning solutions that facilitate the professional development of NHG’s team members across the managed brands.

Lizz is a Certified Hospitality Educator and Administrator as well as an Accredited Certification Instructor with AHLA’s Educational Institute. With more than 30 years in hospitality industry, she has held positions at a property that include Executive Housekeeper, Food and Beverage Director, Director of Sales and General Manager. Lizz has dedicated her career to helping others succeed.

Newport Hospitality Group is known for its dedication to associate engagement and has worked equally hard to develop talent internally as well as to achieve its growth goals through strategic management of many of the top brands throughout the country. With this new position, NHG feels that they will quickly become the employer of choice in the hospitality industry.

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