Parker & Sons gives thermostat advice

Parker & Sons, a locally based HVAC, plumbing, and electrical service provider who has served the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area for over forty years has come out with new advice for homeowners and renters who believe that their thermostats aren’t working properly, in an effort to provide assistance to the community in addition to the services they regularly provide.

“Sometimes we get calls and inquiries from people who think that their air conditioning unit is broken, or needs a tune up… and when our team members go out to answer a call, they find that the air conditioning unit is working properly fine and that it’s actually their thermostat that is broken in some way or another,” said Parker & Sons representative, Justine Kelly.

To help homeowners and renters save both time and money when they believe their air conditioning unit might be acting up or working improperly, Kelly said that, depending on the season and time of year, set your thermostat 5 degrees higher or lower, and be sure to check if the correct device turns on in accordance with that temperature change. If not, the problem is more than likely the thermostat itself, of a device within the thermostat.

Likewise, Kelly also said that “many people also forget to switch their air conditioning unit ‘on’ on their main circuit breaker when the season changes,” and neglecting to do so might make it seem like your air conditioning unit isn’t functioning properly. In this fashion, it is also advised that homeowners and renters take a moment to check their wires that connect their air conditioning unit to the main circuit breaker. It could be the case that the wires have become loose, or aren’t properly attached to their designated mounting screws, which leads to air conditioning or heating units not receiving the energy or readings they need from the thermostat.

Ensuring that your thermostat and air conditioning unit are both working and functioning together is what will make your home warm or cool depending on the season. However, if you think that one is broken, make sure to check the other before coming to any immediate conclusions.

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