Parker & Sons Offers All-Encompassing Range of Quality Plumbing Services

Parker & Sons, founded in 1974, has become known Valley-wide as the home of Phoenix’s premier team of highly-trained plumbers. Parker & Sons, founded by Grandpa Jack Parker has long supported Grandpa Jack’s timeless philosophy of, “Comfort today, or you don’t pay!” For Parker & Sons, it is important to deliver high-quality, fast, affordable services no matter what. Parker & Sons has also worked hard to become a one-stop-ship for all home service needs. As part of that ongoing commitment, Parker & Sons’ premier plumbing team offers an all-encompassing range of quality plumber services. 

A standard home plumbing system is much more complex than most homeowners and renters tend to notice. If water flows out of something, through something, to something, and around something, it is part of the home plumbing system. Unfortunately, given that the home plumbing system is so complex, there are many small issues that can occur. Even minor problems, a leaky faucet or a running toilet can end up costing hundreds of dollars if they are not fixed quickly.

Parker & Sons offers an incredibly extensive range of plumbing services. Parker & Sons doesn’t just clean drains, they offer an amazing 60-Minute Drain Clearing Guarantee. Parker & Sons doesn’t just offer plumbing system inspections; Parker & Sons designed their detail oriented 60-Point Plumbing Inspection from the ground up to ensure that nothing is missed. Further, Parker & Sons specializes in services such as sewer line replacement and repair, bathtub and shower installation and repair, septic tank maintenance, water heater maintenance, tankless water heater installation, and much, much more.

Additionally, Parker & Sons plumbing professionals consider details beyond just their handy work. Every Parker & Sons plumber is licensed, insured, and Trust Certified. They are trained to leave the home even cleaner than the way they found it. They enter into a dialog with individuals, clearly establishing and detailing the price of all parts and labor before a job begins.

“We do it all. I can say that with confidence. There is no problem too large or too small. Whether you need us to bust a clog or rework an entire plumbing system, we are the people for the job. One of the things we are proudest of, is that we are able to treat every job like it is the most important job in the world. We do that because we know, to the homeowner, it is the most important job in the world,” said Justine Kelly of Parker & Sons.

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