Contentverse’s Easy Index and DB Lookup Solve NFPC’s Organization Needs

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National Food Products Company (NFPC) is a leading company in the food sector based in UAE, with its integrated business of manufacturing, selling, and distributing dairy products, fruit juices, drinking water, and plastic packing materials.

Its brands include Milco (dairy and juice), Lacnor (juice), Oasis (bottled water), Arla National Food (distributor of Puck, Lurpak, and The Three Cows) and Milco Plastic.

NFPC proudly boasts more than 5000 employees. They are equipped with all latest technologies, laboratories to carry out research work, and other resources that assist in releasing the best products in their range.

Current scenario

NFPC has state-of-the-art facilities in UAE where they have stored and managed valuable/confidential documents, including Delivery Notes, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Payment Vouchers, Journal Vouchers, Credit Notes, Debit Notes, client records, employee time sheet, employee files, images, contracts, agreements, and other information which are referred to on a regular basis.


  • All Documents, from all divisions of NFPC regarding any purchase, arrive at the central finance division for review, approval, and payment release. These documents are then stored at the central division. Later when from any other department, these documents are to be viewed or reviewed, it is time consuming for employees to search and retrieve these documents manually.
  • Auditing (both internal and external) happens for different divisions of NFPC at different times of the year. They also need to review documents for audit purposes. Search and retrieval of these documents is laborious and time consuming.
  • Redundancy, delays, and confusion caused by too much reliance on the human factor in the business process and collaborative functions such as validation and approval of documents.

Implemented Departments – Accounts Department

Document Types – Bank Payment Voucher, Contracts & Agreements, Asset Document

Average Number of Documents Processed & Stored – 2500 to 3000 daily

Solution & Benefits

  • All the relevant documents are electronically filed in the Contentverse File Cabinet, which ensures quick access to documents through fast search and retrieval, thus providing increased productivity and reduced operating costs.
  • Together with Easy Index, Contentverse allows departments to efficiently capture and associate documents of all types. By doing this, they eliminated the need for physical document storage, which means space savings and cost savings among many other benefits.
  • While the documents are scanned and processed via Easy Index, one of the index fields specifies the division, which is set as a dynamic field. While processing, when a document from a particular division is identified, those documents are moved to the respective folder inside Contentverse. The permission rights to access this folder is given only to those respective Divisions.
  • Any relevant data related to the scanned-in document are pulled from the existing application using the DB lookup functionality of Contentverse, thus minimizing the data entry.

Why Contentverse Document Management System

Contentverse emerges as a viable solution for various industries because it is simple, flexible and affordable and has many salient attributes which really benefit the organizations.

  • Familiar user interface
  • Supports 400+ file formats
  • Powerful scanning, indexing, and searching features
  • One-click email and print
  • Built-in OCR and full text search
  • Custom workflow features
  • Highly secure, 128 bit encryption
  • Control access at any level
  • MS Office Integration & Outlook Hot Folder
  • Powerful annotation
  • Version/ Revision
  • Check in/ Checkout
  • Notification & Alerts
  • Audit trail
  • Integration with existing applications
  • Database lookup
  • Records retention
  • Access via web and desktop applications
  • Automated data capture using EasyIndex
  • Regulatory & Legal Compliance
  • Local services and support provided by reseller Cube Innovators Technologies LLC

All of NFPC’s content is now electronically filed in Contentverse, primarily using the Easy Index module, enabling departments to efficiently capture and associate documents of all types. Integration with their key mission critical applications enables Database Lookup and auto-population to minimize data entry.  Access to documents is now blazingly fast, increasing productivity and reducing operating costs. They have also eliminated the need for physical document storage, which has led to major space and cost savings, among many other benefits.

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