Parker & Sons- Water Softeners

Parker & Sons, one of Arizona’s most highly esteemed and premier electrical, HVAC, and plumbing service providing companies has come extraordinarily far in their nearly forty years of business. While Parker & Sons is committed to providing only the highest quality services and products, it has also been there mission since their founding to go above and beyond in terms of customer service and satisfaction.

In doing so, Parker & Sons wants to inform not only their customers, but the entire public of some of the most common issues related to the areas of their technical expertise, as well as other bits of useful information.

“Hard water is such a common issue in households,” said Parker & Sons representative, Justine Kelly. “… and most people who are using hard water do not realize that it is not the best choice of water in some instances.”

In effect, hard water is water that is not filtered through a water softening system. It is filled with numerous minerals that vary in amount that can have minor health benefits, including stronger teeth with the addition of fluoride in the water, etc. However, it is also well-known that hard water can cause the skin to become quite dry and flaky, seeing as the minerals can dry out the natural oils from you skin. In addition, people who drink hard water who are not acclimated to the water can feel ill, seeing as the excess minerals can upset their stomachs as this is a drastic change in what many are used to.

The real dangers of hard water are not so much about the human body, but to industrial areas, as well as home appliances.

When there is hard water present in the home, it can break down protective sealants in your dishwasher, for instance, that can damage the entire appliance. Not only will the water make your dishes dirtier by the presence of a film of excess dish soap, but you may have to replace the entire appliance, altogether.

Water softeners are an important element in maintaining your appliances, and every household should have one in order to extend the life of your home investments.  

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