Parker & Sons- Electric Safety

When it comes to needing assistance with your home’s electrical issues, there is no greater local company to call than Parker & Sons. Having been in business for just over forty years, Parker & Sons has become a leading example for professional service providers in the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing industries. Not only has the company worked diligently over the years to build up their brand, but they have also committed themselves to be a leader in providing the community they have served for so long with useful information on their customers and the public can tackle some of the most common issues they face in their homes on a day to day basis.

“We handle a lot of the more technical side of electrical issues when it comes to the work that we do,” said Parker & Sons representative Justine Kelly. “But there are things that homeowners and renters can do to make their homes more safe not only for themselves, but for their friends and guests.”

For instance, on the topic of plugs and cords, Justine Kelly mentioned that when unplugging something from the wall, it is much safer to grab the plug itself and unplug it from the wall, rather than grabbing the cord and pulling the plug when disconnecting a device from the wall. Additionally, she also touched upon the importance of not breaking or bypassing the third prong in many plugs for safety reasons.

Secondly, Justine Kelly noted on the importance of always keeping your plugs, cords, and wire that are inside of your house away from any water or appliances that use water on a regular basis, such as the washer, dishwasher, refrigerator, or other similar appliances. If there happens to be a leak or large spill, the result can be extremely damaging to not only the electric wires and appliances around the area, but can have the potential to spark fires.

“People also need to realize and be aware of even the smallest things when it comes to safety,” said Justine Kelly. “… things like never cutting the grass with a lawnmower when the grass it wet, for instance.”

When it comes to any wiring that needs to be accomplished, it is always advised to call a professional for that work.

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