Parker & Sons Announces Justine Kelly as Marketing Manager

Parker & Sons is excited to announce the promotion of Justine Kelly to Marketing Manager. In her words, this title and promotion “entails overseeing all aspects of marketing for Parker and Sons. This includes branding, lead generation, social media, reputation management, and creative concepts for our advertising. The creative advertising includes TV, radio, billboards, direct mail, referral programs, partnerships, charity events, review/referral sites, etc.” A hefty order to be sure, but Justine Kelly has the chops to do it.

Justine Kelly is a graduate of the University of Arizona, where she earned a Bachelor’s in Marketing. Immediately following graduation she started a safety kit business, “I did everything from designing the logos, building the website, designing the packaging, to selling the kits to large vendors.” After several years of that, Kelly moved back entirely into the marketing field. Before assuming this role with Parker & Sons, she was the Marketing Manager for MyGuy Referrals, leading a complete rebranding from their former ‘ToFixIt! Inc.’ identity. Justine Kelly has been with Parker & Sons for some time, previously assisting in customer reputation management in addition to leading community service and charity events.

Parker & Sons is sure that Justine Kelly will continue to bring that passion and expertise to her new role. What goals are first on the docket?

“I want to help build awareness of all the services we do. Many customers think of Parker as just an HVAC company, but we offer so much more. We are award winning leaders in the plumbing, electric and water treatment industries as well!  It’s also my goal to make sure Grandpa Parker’s tradition of 100% customer satisfaction and commitment to great service still lives on today.”

Being a veteran of both the marketing field and Parker & Sons’ business, Justine Kelly is sure to deliver on that goal as the new Marketing Manager for Parker & Sons. Getting the word out: Parker & Sons is not just an HVAC company, but a multifaceted, award winning services company dedicated to their customers.

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