Wardywall is a new wall wardrobe with amazing functionality, the integrated hangermagazine. It’s a new project of our small design office, with which we go new ways.
Wardywall is marketed worldwide by onlineshop, without intermediate trade, from the factory directly to your wall. The result is a unique, high-quality product, which is offered at an extremely lucrative price.
Innovation is just as important as the support of SEMs and workshop for people with handicaps. We launch the project via crowdfounding, on kickstarter.com. It’s the start for further products, which will follow the same pholiosophy.
The more people know about our idea, teh better the start will be. Help us to carry the message into the world. The Project is now live on kickstarter. Below you find the directlink.
In the attachements you will find some high resolution pictures and a press release. Flyers in english, german an spanish are as download on the homepage wardywall.com.
It would be greatfull if you can publish it on your site.
Deadline: The end of april
Retailprice: CHF 690.—  (USD 690.—)
During the founding phase, price starts at CHF 390.—!

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