Techheights LLC offers IT Services in Orange County for SMB

A leading IT Services company in Orange County, California, Techheights LLC is making IT management easy for small businesses. The company is offering cost-effective packages to small business owners with a tight budget a chance to streamline their IT infrastructure and exploit technology to its best potential. The company is also assisting businesses with an aversion to technology to learn about the wonders technological tools can bring to their businesses.

“When technology is used to its full potential, it often leads to making businesses more streamlined, efficient and secure from the customers’ perspective”, says Shuchipan Sharma, TechHeights’ IT Expert and the Principal of the company. Shuchipan works closely with numerous small business owners present in Orange County and has witnessed firsthand how companies can save thousands of dollars every year if they understand technology and use it to its full potential. In Shuchipan’s opinion, the more a business saves through technology, the higher would be its profits and its ability to reach the breakeven in short order, if it hasn’t done so already.

“Though it’s not about profits only because when a small company invests in good technology, the employees’ productivity boosts, the customers are more sure about the safety of their data and the financers also trust a company with a strong IT infrastructure as compared to a company that has none,” adds Shuchipan.

Some of the Managed IT services offered by Techheights are computer & network support, complete network installations, helpdesk & emergency support services, cloud strategy & migration, system maintenance & upgrades, network monitoring & alerting, network security & compliance and disaster recovery & business continuity.

Techheights is also offering IT strategy services to the small businesses. IT strategy making is done via a five stage process that includes conducting a business strategy review, doing current state analysis, managing an IT backlog analysis and then creating future state vision as well as crafting an IT strategy roadmap. For small businesses looking to save money via technology by saving on phone bills, Techheights lends a hand in acquiring, setting up and utilizing VOIP phone systems. The company sells amazing VOIP solutions, installs it, integrates it with other programs and trains the staff members of small businesses to use it seamlessly.

“If you want your business to succeed by using the right technologies in the right manner and by spending the right amount of money, you need to trust Techheights. Being a small business ourselves, we understand the difficulties you face and can help you cope up with them over and over again. We never fail to perform and all of our small business clients would surely agree,” concludes Shuchipan confidently.

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