Parker & Sons Speaks on the Benefits of Zoning and Balancing an Air Conditioning System for Summer

It is an argument as old as time. It is a discussion everyone has had at some point or another with their roommate or spouse. One person likes the home to warm; one person wants the home to be cold. There are no reconciling these differences. Simply put, different people are comfortable at different temperatures. This often becomes an even more major issue during summer when extreme temperatures are involved. Who hasn’t spent time in a home in which wearing a sweater is required during the summer because the AC is cranked so high!

Parker & Sons offers an elegant and cost effective solutions.  By balancing and zoning a home air condition system, individuals can save money, and find a way to keep everyone comfortable.

Homes are divided into separate rooms for a reason. Every room in the house fills a different purpose. Kitchens are different from bathroom which are different from offices and bedrooms. None of these rooms are lit or decorated the same, so why should they all be subjected to the same heating and cooling standards.

Zoning is a way of dividing the home up into specific locations with different heating and cooling needs. The most basic division to make is to separate sleeping and living areas. Most people want to keep sleeping areas cooler at night. These areas are typically unoccupied during the day, however, so why do they need to continue to receive dedicated air conditioning even when they are unoccupied? Zoning allows homeowners to customize the function of their air conditioning. Living areas can be kept cool during the day while sleeping areas can be kept cool at night.

“There are so many benefits that come with zoning a home air conditioning system. Really, the only limits are your own imagination. I have seen homes where each spouse has their own office. One is kept at 65 degrees and the other at 82. Best part of all? Since they zoned their offices accordingly, they say they have been even more productive. Being comfortable has such a huge impact on your life.  If you would like to learn more, just call us up,” said Justine Kelly of Parker & Sons.

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