Litera Makes Entire Solution Suite 64-bit Compatible

MCLEANSVILLE, North Carolina – March 30, 2017 – Litera Corp, a global leader in document lifecycle management solutions, has made its entire enterprise-grade software suite 64-bit compatible. With upgraded architecture and improved integration with major document management systems, 64-bit Litera solutions are now fully available for clients who are upgrading their environments to run on 64-bit Microsoft Office.

“Throughout this past year, we surveyed our customer base and determined 41% of those building a next generation desktop plan a 64-bit Office environment,” Sherry Kappel, Chief Consultant, commented. “Another 34% intend a mixed 32- and 64-bit deployment of Office 2016.”

Paul Domnick, President of Litera, stated, “Our solutions span the entire document lifecycle from creation and collaboration to finalization and distribution. Most of our solutions have been 64-bit compatible for several years. By making all of our products 64-bit compatible, and with our comprehensive support for O365, we are able to meet the needs of our clients, both now and in the years to come.”  

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