Computhink Named Among Top 25 Workflow Solution Providers 2017

CIO Applications magazine, a publication with a focus on Information and IT in the corporate world, has named Computhink among their Top Twenty-Five Workflow Solution Providers for 2017. This continues a streak of rewards for excellence in this space, including a recent award from Insights Success and a place in their 2017 Companies to Watch list. The selection is based on Computhink’s Contentverse Enterprise Content Management solution, which includes at no extra cost a powerful workflow element. The business process automation is dynamic, an intelligent, built-in workflow with all of the feature functionality of a standalone product.

Increased need for productivity and expanding competition in the business realm demands innovation for enterprise solutions, especially workflow solutions. While automation enters new markets, the classic office setting becomes a more technological and efficient place. Contentverse from Computhink is spearheading that push into new frontiers of Enterprise Content Management. Contentverse is among the newest advanced software solutions, and can be integrated with any existing manual workflow to speed up any and every business process.

The easy-to-use visual workflow designer lets users or administrators create and maintain any type or size of workflow, from simple, one-stage processes to highly complex processes with many multi-layered workflows seamlessly merged. Whether you have office documents, emails, PDFs, social media documents, Contentverse can incorporate them into new or existing files with high-speed production capture, enabling auto-indexing and storing of files in a custom digital filing cabinet. Then retrieve these files quickly and easily, anytime, anywhere.

Secure processing at high volumes with no manual input is crucial in many industries, especially where clerical costs are substantial. Some Computhink clients process upwards of 15,000 documents per day at a single location, and the Contentverse system’s batch processing is up to the task. With workflow reporting, history logs, and audit trails tracking all activity for each individual document as well as at the system level, security isn’t even a question.

Computhink continues to develop solutions to solve real life, document-centric challenges that companies, non-profits, school organizations, and government institutions face every day. You can check out the feature on Computhink, Contentverse, and their workflow capabilities here and get an online peek at the full magazine here.  For more information on Computhink and how Contentverse can assist your organization with real world document management problems, call 630-705-9050 or email

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