Contentverse version 10.1 Brings Major Updates Across the Board

Welcome to Contentverse Version 10.1, the latest major update for the Contentverse Enterprise Content Management solution. In this update, we have included many ease-of-use changes, background enhancements to increase performance, and end user improvements across the board. The 10.1 update enables administrators to configure, customize, and optimize the solution, so that Contentverse end-users have a more streamlined interface that meets their business needs.

Contentverse’s core solution isn’t the only thing receiving a major update: Our CV Mobile app for iOS and Android is seeing significant improvements. So we are releasing the CV Mobile 10.1 version at this time as well, a revised, and more powerful application than ever before! You can ask about the app when you contact us to upgrade to Contentverse 10.1.

Many of these updates come by way of changes to the system. While they are not options for end users to control, they are foundational to 10.1. For instance, our team has significantly improved rendering and processing capabilities for PDFs. Document access, version/revision, and workflow operation are central in Contentverse, so we have increased performance and optimization of file manipulation, viewing, and processing. In addition, support for Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016 make upgrading ASAP a no-brainer. Optimization of web services, extending automatic workflow initiation, and refined security authentication options are likewise key changes to the system with a big impact on performance.

Administrators who are skimming for updates just for them in 10.1 need look no further. Workflow has seen some incredible optimizations and improvements, including a new trigger for workflow initiation. Ability to generate and retain within the room, custom reports for data available in the recycled documents, audit trail, and retention features. Enhanced on the fly security assignment, advanced retention policy definition, and greater options for search conditions provide administrators additional document definition. New Hot Folder local/network-centric input processing setup simplifies input for users. Further expansion to room template generation and application is included.

Beyond the System and Administrative improvements, Enterprise users have received a wealth of attention. As we said, in 10.1, greater end user utility drives our updates. We have made available a new high compression JPG input file format option when scanning, as well as a new security output password option for PDFs and checked-out sessions. No matter what the file type, you’re covered at every step of the document’s life cycle. We have added enhanced content sharing options from email, widened search criteria, provided simpler access to references as well as availability of new default PDF form templates, and additional automated index pre-set options.

As we have already stated, Professional client users won’t go hungry: we’re excited to incorporate the ability to open up to three documents at the same time, each available via its own tab. To enhance user experience, we have optimized the presentation interface to minimize visual fatigue and enhance display.

This is only a taste of the available changes to Contentverse that our users can experience by upgrading to 10.1. If you would like to get the whole story, call us at 630-705-9050, or email us at Don’t miss out on the system and admin enhancements or the incredible improvements for end users!

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