Litera Redefines Advanced Server-Based Metadata Management

Full 64-Bit Metadact®Gets A Significant Upgrade

MCLEANSVILLE, North Carolina – August 15, 2017 – Litera Corp, a global leader in document lifecycle solutions, has advanced its server-based metadata management solution, Metadact®e, with significant upgrades to performance, capacity, and memory management. With full 64-bit processing, Metadact®e supports even larger files and collections of attachments, processes emails faster, and takes full advantage of RAM allocation. Metadact®e can automatically update emails filed to both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of iManage and OpenText document management systems. Metadact®e OnDemand (batch file cleaning) now integrates with both 64-bit and 32-bit Microsoft Office.

Chuck Henrich, Litera Director of Product Management, commented on the significance of the upgrade, “These improvements deliver major benefits to both the architecture and user experience of Metadact®e. Improved SQL connectivity will deliver faster processing, and an entirely new REST API will enable more flexible connectivity. Configurable local vs server cleaning for the OnDemand desktop batch cleaning application will reduce load on cleaning servers when processing large batches of files and give Outlook Options add-in end-users more flexibility and control of how their attachments are processed. Administrators will, of course, continue to have complete control over what end-users can do.”

A host of additional enhancements include a UI refresh for desktop applications and the server administrative console, enhanced logging and configurability, server-side cleaning profiles made available to end-users, and a new “fast cleaning” option that will significantly increase cleaning speed.

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