Rachel: A Satilla County Novel

Rachel is seventh in Oscar Patton’s Satilla County series, novels based on actual events and slices of south Georgia history.  With best friend Eve at her side, aspiring young Boston journalist Rachel Mellon returns “home” to Satilla County to write the lives of southern women. She collides head-on with the Circle of Brothers, a gang of good old boys who control the illegal liquor business.  The Brothers claim to stand for God, country, and family values, but Rachel recognizes them for what they are, a murderous crime syndicate, and she takes them on.  Armed only with right and words, can she triumph or even survive in this classic battle of good versus evil?  Set between the demise of the old Klan and the birth of the new in the early twentieth-century South, this is a story about bootleg whiskey, women’s rights, and changing times.  It is also a story about the possibility of love and the miracle of redemption.

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