Computhink Named Among Top 10 Accounts Payable Solution Providers 2017

For the Contentverse ECM system, Computhink has been named one of the Top Ten Accounts Payable Solution Providers of 2017 by CFO Tech Outlook Magazine. Contentverse offers users many vital utilities as standard, namely the intelligent automated workflow with email notifications. This integral element of the software streamlines any Accounts Payable operation whether at the accounting department level or company-wide for accounting firms. In their selection process, CFO Tech Outlook reviewed Computhink’s and other vendors’ ability to fulfill the need for cost-effective and concrete solutions that add value to the accounts payable landscape. It is due to not only Contentverse’s workflow capabilities but also to its long list of standard features that Computhink has been given a place in the magazine’s 2017 lineup.

Accounting employees and executives are familiar with the continuous procedure of sending and receiving documents for approval. Whether vendor invoices or purchase orders, files can be organized into one single document. These documents can be organized by whatever categories your company chooses, such as customer, document type, purchase order number, date, and so on. You can then search for a particular document based on invoice number, vendor name, etc. This saves hours of searching for paper documents or documents saved to a simple filing structure.

Contentverse also stores documents with multi-layered, encryption-based security. Bookkeepers will find that files are inaccessible to outside parties or employees without clearance, but for those with permissions, the same files can be accessed and reviewed easily. With CV mobile, Contentverse can be utilized even away from the office by those controllers and accountants who sometimes need a few extra hours with the books. Contentverse also offers real-time automation of notifications; for instance, when a document has been approved in a workflow. Accounting professionals can stay up to date with their financial processes anytime, anywhere.

Computhink’s own controller, Brent Vignola, spoke on behalf of the company in a full page feature about Contentverse. His insight into the product comes from daily use, processing invoices, purchase orders, receipts, expense reports, the list goes on. Vignola sees all manner of financial documents come across his desk every day, and all of them are scanned, emailed or otherwise sent into Contentverse for indexing and automated processing. The controller highlights, among many other features, the optional retention policies that can be implemented for contracts. Using an internal alert system, a controller could manage the life cycle of a document with an internal alert system. Such contracts can even be set to go into a workflow at a certain time so that your company never misses payments or renewals.

With cloud options, mobile applications, and data security constantly changing, CFOs seek new solutions that can keep pace. Accounts Payable teams need software that can connect everyone in the office and increase accessibility without sacrificing security. There are hundreds of content management, business process management, and financial solutions in the market today. CFO Tech Outlook Magazine‘s distinguished panel of CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and other financial professionals chose Computhink among their Top Ten Accounts Payable Solution Providers this year.

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