Real Time, Virtual Workplace CollaBoard Brings Team Collaboration to Life

Switzerland, November 3, 2017 – It is well understood that new collaboration technologies and interactive screens will redefine the workplace of tomorrow. There is no need to wait for this digital transformation, as a piece of the future is already here in the form of CollaBoard, a real time, virtual workspace developed by IBV Informatik AG. The natural input based team collaboration system works on Surface Hub, other Surface devices and any Windows 10 device.

At the modern workplace, there is a new and exciting way to bring to life virtual meetings, workshops, or brainstorming sessions. Natural inputs in the form of touch, voice and inking happen almost by reflex, and CollaBoard uses them effectively to create an intuitive and fun collaboration system that is almost like a natural extension of our bodies.

CollaBoard is a multi-purpose collaboration tool based on subscription, and can be used with multiple Surface Hubs, Surface Studio and Windows 10 devices. Among other things, it allows creating new ways of team interactions, virtual meetings, workshops for creativity and innovation, presenting content in a new way, creating mind maps, and so on. Professionals would also love the ease with which they can use CollaBoard to sketch value propositions, design thinking, gamestorming, and Agile methodologies.

“The Azure based real time workspace with an external commerce system allows professionals and teams to work together on a shared virtual desk from different locations in a highly immersive environment enabled with natural inputs,” said Alessandro Teglia of IBV Informatik.

CollaBoard comes with exciting features such as creating high level diagrams and overviews that incorporate videos, images, audio recordings, PDFs and Sticky notes as building blocks. Another advantage comes from its Surface Dial, QR Code and NFC sharing capabilities.

IBV Informatik creates durable IT solutions for businesses with over 35 years of experience in security, data and identity management, and CRM consulting. The company’s expert team of developers serves modern businesses with advanced, customized solutions using natural inputs, and its team members have received the prestigious Microsoft MVP Award and the Xamarin MVP Award.

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