First-Ever Software Laws Now Available for Kindle

   Katy, Texas

Software Renovation Corporation has just published a Kindle version of its popular book, Timeless Laws of Software Development. The book, written by senior consultant and instructor Jerry Fitzpatrick, describes six indisputable laws that apply to software quality.

Mr. Fitzpatrick writes, “Most software projects are behind schedule and have dreadful quality. Good intentions and wishful thinking do not impart quality, but the laws and techniques in this book will change your view of software development forever.”

Timeless Laws of Software Development describes universal laws and practical techniques that help developers meet their goals, stay on schedule, and improve their skills. Because the laws are independent of programming languages, software frameworks, and development methodologies, this book is a must-have for anyone involved with software projects.

Jerry Fitzpatrick is a pioneer in voicemail technology and the inventor of the ABC software metric. Over the past 40 years, he has developed software for many industries, and has taught programming techniques to hundreds of professional developers.

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