Whic is the best camping accessory for the Aussie Outback

The Adventure Kings Camping Swags range is a high quality, low cost take on a great Aussie tradition. Designed with years of experience on the tracks and a wealth of knowledge about what works in real world situations the whole range is built from hard wearing rip stop poly cotton canvas, with reinforced waterproof PVC bucket flooring to withstand even sharp rocky campsites.

With more space, functionality and comfort than Australia has ever seen before, the Big Daddy and Big Daddy Deluxe swags took the industry by storm, and completely changed what Australians expect as standard features in a swag.

With comfort being of prime importance, they come with a minimum of 50mm thick dense foam mattress as standard with the option of stepping into a HUGE 70mm thick mattress, and with over 1m of internal head height there is no more claustrophobia or being cramped and sweaty on hot summer nights.

All Adventure Kings Swag designs use a Supa fine midgy proof mosquito net for maximum airflow in summer and with roll up weather proof flaps you can set yourself up with uninhibited views of the milky way at your favorite summertime campsite you simply can’t top that!

We are absolutely head over heels for our Adventure Kings Swag range and are sure you will love it too!

If you are looking for the highest performance and best value for money, Adventure Kings has the swag for you and are ready to back the design and quality with our trouble free 12-month warranty period, not that you’ll need it, just for peace of mind!

Camping Generators

Adventure Kings Portable Generators are your reliable workhorse! For power at play or for when you are hard at work, our generators are designed to be reliable and keep your site cranking strong when you need it most! Coming in both 2KVA and 3.5KVA options we cater to your off grid power demands, whether you just want to run simple 12v without draining your car battery or you need to run heavy duty power tools like 9” angle grinders or a drop saw the Adventure Kings Generator range has the model for you!

Smart pure sine wave 240V output from our clever integrated inverter means you get the cleanest power to run even the most sensitive electronics like laptops or phone chargers without risk of damaging circuitry.

An easy pull-cord start on both the 2000W and 3500W models makes Adventure Kings Generators easy to operate and with quiet running 4 stroke engines fitted with muffler noise suppression and an economic CDI Electronic ignition ensure they maintain absolute reliability.

Electronic ignition means the generator has efficient control and can automatically adjust the engine idle up and down as it is required when set to economy mode to conserve fuel and reduce noise when in be sure to get more out of your Adventure Kings generator.

If you are looking for the highest performance and best value for money you can get, an Adventure Kings Generator is for you.

We are ready to back our design and build quality with a trouble free 12-month warranty period, not that you’ll need it, just so you have peace of mind!

Solar Panels

When you need to recharge yourself and your 12V system, look no further than an Adventure Kings Solar charging system.

We have pioneered a range that starts from a simple 10W USB solar charger to a fully fledged 250W output array with MPPT Regulation for absolute maximum output to give you the options to power your setup no matter what you take camping with you.

All Adventure Kings Solar panels use Monocrystalline silicone cell construction which is the most efficient panel design available remaining lightweight and compact whilst still outputting effective power for use at home or in the bush.

We have fully standalone systems that include a solar regulator in both hard framed designs or the more flexible folding solar blankets which are excellent for space saving in the back of your vehicle or for emergency use.

We even have a fully customisable 110W Hard mounted system that includes fittings so you can easily and permanently mount it to your vehicle, camper trailer, campervan, caravan or boat with your choice of solar regulator.

We stock both the easy to operate low cost PWM style of regulator that has become the standard across the industry, or you can upgrade to one of our high efficiency, high output MPPT style regulators which gives you up to 30% more efficiency in cloudy or overcast conditions ensuring you get the most out of your solar setup no matter what the weather conditions.

Adventure Kings maintains its reputation for supplying functional camping setups whilst also still offering some of the most affordable solar setups available to the Australian market!

Whatever your 12V setup, Adventure Kings has a Solar charging system to efficiently top up your batteries and run accessories, with zero running costs and zero noise, whilst you kick back and relax and enjoy your favorite campsite in peace and quiet….

When you are looking for a camping solar panels setup, you can’t look past an Adventure Kings Solar setup.

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