“Psychologists on call” The new fad for celebrities who are flying therapists around the world in times of crisis

“Fly out therapists the new fad for VIP’s, celebrities and millionaires”


What do you do if your main actor won’t come out of their dressing room?


Or if your private jet can’t take off as you have an intense fear of flying? 


Or if you on Broadway and you can’t go on due to stage fright? 


An Irish Psychologist is fast becoming the go to therapist and is the first in the world to offer a bespoke private therapy service to international celebrities, royalty and billionaires. 


Award winning Trinity College Psychologist Jason O’Callaghan, spent a decade interviewing celebrity for Ireland’s biggest newspapers before retraining as a psychologist specializing in helping those who don’t have time to visit a clinic for therapy. 


O’Callaghan’s, who holds an honours degree in Psychology plus a Master’s degree from Trinity College in Applied Psychology runs The D4 Clinic in Dublin. He has also written two bestselling books, one on the media industry and one on the psychology of behaviour.


His clinic has been helping an array of well-known clients for the past five years to quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, overcome stage fright and deal with various fears and phobias with clients flying in from as far as New York and Dubai. 


Now in partnership with a host of private VIP concierge companies in the UK and USA the new “fly out therapy” service offers clients their own personal psychologist, who will fly to wherever they are in the world and work on to one with them to help them deal with any issues they are having. Then offer a follow up Skype services if needed for additional support. 


Speaking about the service O’Callaghan said “We have worked with lots of celebrities over the years partially due to our location in and its proximity to various television stations and Ardmore studios where a lot of movies are made plus as we are near other parts of South County Dublin, where a host of stars and multi-millionaires live.” 


“In the past we have helped a famous UK agent get over his fear of flying to go attend the Oscars. An internationally known author and a member of the European parliament lose a significant amount of weight. A number of TV stars quit smoking with us. Plus, we have helped politicians, actors and presenters overcome a fear of performing in public. These range from lacking confidence to overcoming stage fright. Recently we helped the star of the show CATS who was on tour in the Middle East get over a fear of height which nearly closed the production.”


“I worked with the media field for so long and know how important privacy is so in a way I’m poacher turned game keeper. No one has ever found out who any of my clients are and discretion is our cornerstone. “ O’Callaghan insists.


O’Callaghan gained worldwide media attention when he hypnotized a groom at London’s Gatwick airport to get onto a flight so he could go on his honeymoon after he had been struck down with a panic attack 


TV interview of groom helped by psychologist 



The psychologist’s services for international crisis therapy don’t come cheap with his daily rate of €5,000 a day plus expenses


For more information see www.D4Clinic.ie 

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