ZEV Electric, has launched a special version of its T3-1 Micro just for disabled and handicapped people worldwide. 

Morgantown, WV., USA.  ZEV Electric launched its very warmly received T3-1 Micro car just ten months ago.  Intended to be the absolute lowest cost road going electric vehicle to purchase and operate, the vehicle quickly found a market with people looking for budget transportation.  According to the DOT, the vast majority of people in the USA really do not drive far for their daily needs or to/from work, and most do not need to drive really fast either.  The ZEV T3-1 Micro fills that need.  See http://www.zelectricvehicle.com/31.html   

The vehicle also quickly found a market that the company had not expected.  With the feature of hand only controls, and dual doors that open straight out, with room for 2 people behind the driver, the vehicle was purchased by handicapped or disabled people for its extreme ease of operation.  These buyers found that a folding wheel chair can fit behind the driver’s seat.  The vehicle plugs in at home in any wall socket and eliminates going to a gas station and the problems of moving about at the gas station. 

Now, to fulfill customer requests ZEV Electric has made modifications to the base vehicle:

  • The seat track has been made much longer to that the seat will slide extremely far back in the already extremely long door opening.
  • The chassis has been modified to mount a seat for very large people if needed. Customers to 360 lbs, to 6 ft. 3, have been accommodated.
  • All controls and features outside of the car are at a level that can be reached by someone in a wheelchair without reaching up.
  • The seat height in the vehicle is 22 inches from the ground to make it easy to slide into the seat.
  • The heater and radio are standard.
  • Power plugs for USB and 12 volt power are installed
  • A heated seat is available


Given that for most handicapped people the options for personal transportation is either a very slow, mobility chair not able to be driven on roads, OR a very expensive car that has been converted into a hands only control vehicle, there need is clear.  For most handicapped, the extra chassis modifications may not be needed lowering the vehicle price.

The ZEV T3-1 Micro comes in three different forms
  1. $6300 to $6700 base silicate battery system with a range to 35 miles
  2. $9290 to $9690 long range lithium battery system with a range to 47 miles
  3. $7962 to $8362 double battery/double range silicate battery system with range to 70 miles. In this version, the rear seat passenger foot room is restricted.

The vehicle is a 40 mph vehicle for most states.  However, the vehicle has the option of having its top speed restricted to 30 mph to comply with those state laws that allow such restricted speed and power vehicles to be driven without a license and or insurance.

The T3-1 has its battery mounted down low at the vehicle axle height.  The motor hangs under the rear axle and shifts all of that weight down to axle height and out of the vehicle for a highly stabilizing effect. The weight is evenly distributed between the 3 wheels.  So the vehicle not only has an extremely low CG, it has a balanced weight distribution.  You can watch the vehicle being zipped around at https://youtu.be/9_y5sda6y58 and see the vehicle features explained at https://youtu.be/kKlpnZru4XY

ZEV is one of the oldest manufacturer’s of electric vehicles in the world, now 11 years old.  While it is generally known for being the maker of the ‘world’s largest line of electric bikes” with twenty models of electric motorcycle and scooter, and a line of electric motorbike and E Bicycle, ZEV is now rapidly moving to launch a series of trikes worldwide from larger and faster to units for delivery and to haul big loads.

For more information on the new ZEV models or the rest of the model line, see the company web site at www.zelectricvehicle.com or call 1-304-291-3843

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