These are the various businesses and websites that I operate or am involved with:

American Consumer News, LLC – American Consumer News, LLC is an online media conglomerate that I own which operates a number of financial, business, and other weblogs and internet publications. The company also offers copy-writing services for weblogs and news websites. Websites published by American Consumer News, LLC include American Consumer News, American Banking News, Discover Debt Freedom, Savings Toolbox and Fine-Tuned Finances.

Adventures in Development Adventures in Development was started so that some of my otherwise wasted free-time could turn into an opportunity for professional development and an opportunity to help others learn to be better developers. The goal is to learn one new web-development tool, technique, strategy, resources, idea or methodology every day of the work week and post about it to the world. Hopefully together we can all learn to become better developers. I plan on delving into a lot of different areas on this blog. It won’t be strictly a .NET blog, a Ruby Blog, PHP blog, a WordPress Blog, a Drupal Blog, but will instead cover a wide variety of server-side programming languages and client-side scripting languages.

Dakota State University Dakota State University is a four-year public baccalaureate college in South Dakota. I serve as an adjunct instructor for the university and teach web-development courses.

Factor 360 and 360 WebCMS – Factor 360 is a Sioux Falls and Pierre based web-development company. This is my day job. My job title is senior web developer, however I wear many hats at the company. In this role, I have developed Factor 360’s 360 Web Content Management System as well as various custom websites and web-applications. After taking this position, any new Matthew Paulson Consulting projects will become Factor 360 projects.