How to Optimize Your WordPress Blog for Performance

WordPress is an excellent blogging/news website platform as a whole, but has been criticized for being a bit of a performance dog. One of my websites which is powered by WordPress receives between 100,000 and 200,000 unique visitors a month. I’ve gotten a few nasty emails from the two hosts that I’ve had the site on during the last year for taking … [Read more...]

How to Save Money on Car Insurance

Everyone is searching around for ways to save more money. Statistics show that drivers pick a car insurance company and remain loyal to them for years. However, remaining loyal doesn’t mean that the car insurance policy will become more affordable over time. When people become more passionate about trimming monthly expenses, they may start by … [Read more...]

How to Ensure You Will Actually Get Paid as a Freelancer

As unemployment rates remain elevated in most developed countries, people with specific marketable skill sets, such as website development, graphic design and copy writing, have been applying those talents in the marketplace in the form of freelance work to supplement their income streams. As a person that has done a lot of freelancing work in … [Read more...]

The Importance Of Spending Time On Your Car

To some people, a car is simply a vessel for daily transportation of both people and objects. However, while this is part of what comes with car ownership, if the owner does not spend any time maintaining their car, they will run into problems. What are the benefits of spending time working on a car? 1. The Car Can Be Sold At a Later … [Read more...]

How to Make Use of Namespaces in C# and Visual Basic .NET

If you've written any sort of software application of decent size, you'll know that you need to structure your code, most often using object oriented design techniques, to keep your code-base manageable. Some languages such as Java and C# enable developers to write object-oriented applications relatively well out of the box without much extra work. … [Read more...]

Arvixe’s Customer Service Has Won Me Over

For years, I had been a DreamHost customer. I had their standard shared reseller hosting account that costs peanuts. Every few weeks my sites would crash hard when they had any remote amount of significant traffic. Eventually it got to the point where I was losing out on ad-revenue because of DreamHost’s inability to keep their servers in good … [Read more...]

Facebook Goes Live with Bookmark Prompt

A couple of months ago, Facebook announced some ambitious changes to their API. We're now starting to see some of the first of the newly announced features be released into the wild. A couple of weeks ago, Facebook added the ability for developers to ask prompt to bookmark their application. Previously, users were only able to add bookmarks using … [Read more...]

How to Build a Code Igniter Development and Testing Environment on Windows

I've been playing around with the Code Igniter Framework for PHP over the last couple of weeks, primarily because Net Tuts has a series of 6 high-quality screencasts showing off some basic functionality of the framework. Essentially, Code Igniter provides some additional functionality and provides a standardized means of creating pages and methods … [Read more...]

How to Post to Facebook’s “Stream” using Facebook Connect and XFBML

For my day job, I've been developing a facebook application to coincide with its annual SpayDay event. Developing the application has caused several headaches, but once I realized that the majority of the facebook integration wouldn't happen from the Facebook Developer Toolkit (an ASP.NET Facebook Development Framework), and instead from … [Read more...]

Fast and Efficient C# and Visual Basic String Concatenation

If you do any sort of web development work on the .NET platform, you are going to find yourself concatenating (connecting) strings together on a very regular basis. There are two ways to do this. The first is with a traditional string concatenation, which would look something like this: string MyString = String.Empty; MyString = "Hello " + … [Read more...]