Realty Mogul Expands: Closes Transactions in Kansas and Tennessee; Shares that Texas is Next

Beverly Hills, CA  - August 2, 2013 – Realty Mogul announced today that it has expanded into both Kansas and Tennessee and become the first crowdfunding for real estate company to be active in four separate markets.  Founder and CEO, Jilliene Helman, remarks “We’re incredibly proud to be trailblazing in the crowdfunding … [Read more...]

Cool Off at Rivers Casino, the Hottest Spot in Chicagoland this August

DES PLAINES, IL (August 1, 2013) – Come inside and escape the heat at Rivers Casino, Chicagoland’s top entertainment destination. We have something for everyone, including the hottest gaming action, exciting giveaways, live entertainment and food and beverage specials all month long!Rivers Casino is proud to announce that on Sunday, … [Read more...]

Modi & Badal accelerating-Khalistan in India-Indian Overseas Congress

Surrey BC.Canada. According to a report published by India Newspapers and discussed on TC Channels, across the Country, by National Commission for Minorities, on the issue of Chief Minister Narendra Modi, ordering "Sikhs", in Gujarat sell their lands and return to Punjab, citing the Bombay Tenancy and Agriculture Lands Act, 1948, has accelerated … [Read more...]

Zymöl finishes Ferrari and it’s on to help Aston Martin shine at the Aston Martin 100th Year Celebration and Pebble Beach

Iconic Brands Unite with Zymöl for their CelebrationsFor Immediate ReleaseBrooksville, FL (August 1, 2013) –Aston Martin has requested Zymöl to prepare their cars for their Centenary Celebration just as Zymöl completes its Concours d’Elegance at the Ferrari 50th Anniversary meet. Zymöl will be responsible for all … [Read more...]

Three Dimensional Warriors: Second Edition or The USMC’s Ospreys, F-35s and New Combat Approaches

PRESS RELEASE (8/1/2013) - The second edition of Three Dimensional Warriors focuses on the evolution of USMC aviation and the changing combat approaches, which empower the force.  The USMC is at the forefront in shaping a distributed operations approach for the American military, an approach that is critical for such strategic shifts as the … [Read more...] Hires New Director of Marketing

PRESS RELEASE: Anaheim Hills, Ca. - August 1st, 2013 -, a Flash of Genius company, is pleased to announce its recent hire of Tom Zoebelein, who will join the AutoBody-Review team as the Director of Marketing. Within this role, Zoebelein will lead the Strategic Accounts Team. Zoebelein’s proven … [Read more...]

The Potato Is No Longer A Side Dish—Just Think About Taking The Least Expensive Food With Great Nutritional Value And Turning It Into An Enjoyable, Tasty Meal!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJuly 2013 Spokane, Wash. — Potatoes are one of those foods that people often have a love/hate relationship with, especially when it comes to baking them in the oven or on the barbeque.  They’re easy to love when they finally get cooked, so they can be loaded up with butter and all kind of other goodies.  … [Read more...]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJuly 2013 Spokane, Wash. — In the age of specialization, who would have thought of special seasonings designed to enhance the taste of a baked potato?  One enterprising entrepreneur has done just that with the introduction of his Spud Spikes® Gourmet Potato Skin Rubs and Everyday Seasonings.  Leon Frechette, … [Read more...]

Camp Fire Takes National Stance in the Fight against Bullying

Camp Fire Takes National Stance in the Fight against Bullying The Stand Up. Stand Out. Campaign encourages teens to embrace their unique qualities There is an epidemic sweeping our country—a “one-size-fits-all” mentality whereby the message to teenagers is that they must “fit in” in order to succeed. The Stand Up. … [Read more...]

“Godhara Memorial” INDIA-NRI’s, Indian Overseas Congress to raise $ 10 Million

New Jersey : The 2002 Gujarat violence was a period of inter-communal violence in Gujarat, which lasted for approximately three days, which according to official figures resulted in the deaths of 790 Muslims, 254 Hindus, 3,000 injured, 500 reported missing .Other sources estimate that up to 3,000 Muslims died, children burnt alive, widespread … [Read more...]