How to Generate Random Passwords in C#

If you're developing a site that requires users to logon, chances are you're going to need to be able to generate passwords at some point, whether it be when users initially create their accounts or after they lose their passwords and need to reset their account credentials. Here's a very customizable function that will generate a … [Read more...]

How to Build a Joomla Testing Environment on Windows

In the next couple of weeks, I'm planning on developing a Joomla 1.5 module so that I can flex my PHP muscles and get some more experience developing for Joomla. As part of this, It will be very helpful to have a local environment where I can test out the component that I'm plan on making. The process of setting up a Joomla testbed isn't that … [Read more...]

A Simple Way to Hash Passwords in ASP.NET

If you're developing a website that requires your users to create an account, it's a very good idea to not store their passwords in plain-text in the database. A good chunk of users use the same password for just about everything, so if your database is compromised, there's the possibility of having some real reprocussions for your users. … [Read more...]

How to Crop Images in ASP.NET with “Web Crop Image Control”

When researching various web-based imaging cropping tools, I've found that there are a lot of good looking JQuery, MooTools, and other JavaScript based solutions out there, but there's not a ton of good server-side support. The one ASP.NET control I found that I really did like was " 2.0 Web Crop Image Control". It's actually an ASP.NET … [Read more...]

ASP.NET Caching Techniques and Tools

One of the most frequent criticisms of the ASP.NET stack is that it's less efficient than some of its open-source counterparts. However, Microsoft has actually built in a lot of neat technology into the framework related to caching that allows for much more scalability than you might think. Not only is there caching support built directly into … [Read more...]

How to Set File Permisisons to Upload Files in ASP.NET

If you plan on doing any sort of file manipulation on a web-server using ASP.NET, you're going to have to become intimiately familiar with the System.IO library and learn how to properly configure the permissions for┬áthe directories you would like to write to on your Windows Server '03 or '08 web-server. Fortunately, the process isn't terribly … [Read more...]

Make an AJAX-like Multiple File Uploader with Uploadify

I'm currently working on an file manager that will be integrated with the content management system software that we developed. In doing this, I've been looking for a solution that would allow users to upload multiple files at once, does so in a very easy to use way and shows a progress bar. For this project, I don't really need to interact with … [Read more...]

Making Use of Escape Sequences in C# and Visual Basic

When working with strings of text, there are certain characters that you can't represent in a normal string variable because the key required on the keyboard simply doesn't exist or because of how strings are represented in text. Fortunately, modern programming languages provide "escape sequences," or ways to represent certain characters that … [Read more...]

My “Finding a Windows VPS” Adventure

For the last week or so, I've been looking for a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for use on some of my websites and personal web-development projects. My adventure began by doing a Google Search for "Windows VPS" and found dozens of different providers that had different features at different pricepoints. At first, I found it was very difficult to … [Read more...]

How to Create a JQuery File Browser with JQuery File Tree

While looking at various tools that might aid in the development of an ASP.NET based file manager, I came across a JQuery based tool called jQuery File Tree. Typically we would think of a file browser for a web-server that would be something that's almost uniquely server-side, but jQuery File Tree does a nice job at putting a front-end on what … [Read more...]