How to Generate Random Passwords in C#

If you're developing a site that requires users to logon, chances are you're going to need to be able to generate passwords at some point, whether it be when users initially create their accounts or after they lose their passwords and need to reset their account credentials. Here's a very customizable function that will generate a … [Read more...]

A Simple Way to Hash Passwords in ASP.NET

If you're developing a website that requires your users to create an account, it's a very good idea to not store their passwords in plain-text in the database. A good chunk of users use the same password for just about everything, so if your database is compromised, there's the possibility of having some real reprocussions for your users. … [Read more...]

Making Use of Escape Sequences in C# and Visual Basic

When working with strings of text, there are certain characters that you can't represent in a normal string variable because the key required on the keyboard simply doesn't exist or because of how strings are represented in text. Fortunately, modern programming languages provide "escape sequences," or ways to represent certain characters that … [Read more...]

Using System.IO to Create, Read, Rename and Delete Files and Folders in C# and Visual Basic

If you're making use of C# or Visual Basic for Windows Forms, ASP.NET Web Forms or ASP.NET MVC, you have access to a very powerful file-system access library that's included with Visual Studio. The library, System.IO, will allow you to create, rename, edit and delete files and folders on your system. If you are using System.IO in ASP.NET, you will … [Read more...]

LINQ 101: Getting Started with LINQ

LINQ has been out for around a year now, but I never have been able to get away from using traditional SQL queries and data-access classes. Today, I thought I would try to do the "Hello World" equivalent of a LINQ program and share that with you today. So What's LINQ? LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query. It's a technology developed for … [Read more...]

How to Format a DateTime in C# / ASP.NET

When I was a new developer making websites in .NET, I ended up doing some pretty screwy things to make date's and time's look how I wanted to. I would do things like: DateTime thisDate = DateTime.Now; string AMPM = String.Empty; if(thisDate.Hour>=12) {AMPM = "PM";} else {AMPM = "AM";} String FormattedDate = (thisDate.Hour%12).ToString() + … [Read more...]

Make Custom URLs in ASP.NET with the Global.asax File

If you're looking to do URL rewriting for a content management system or another .NET based website, there are a number of ways to accomplish the task. There's a very mature free product called URL Rewriter.NET which gets the job done, and Microsoft has made their own URL Routing solution which was originally developed for their MVC framework, … [Read more...]

Write Your Own Database Access Class in C#

If you use C# or VB.NET through the ASP.NET stack (or just as a desktop application) to connect to a  SQL database, you'll have a few options. There's the new entity data model from Microsoft, there's also last year's notion of LINQ. They both do a reasonably good job, but are sometimes on the over-kill side for smaller projects. Sometimes you just … [Read more...]