How to Implement an ASP.NET Color Picker

One of the components of the 360 Web Content Management System (website in progress) that I wanted to develop was an events calendar that allowed you to post events into color-coded categories. You can see a demo of it here. At first, I had it so that users would manually enter in a 6-character HTML color code, but it was very non-intuitive for … [Read more...]

Create a Sortable HTML Table with JQuery and TableSorter

One of the more useful features of ASP.NET's GridView control is that users can sort the information in the table they are seeing by any number of fields. To allow this sorting to happen, ASP.NET sends a post-back to the server and the web server re-renders the page with the GridView re-sorted in the order requested. Now, there's a way to display a … [Read more...]

JQuery Date Picker: One Step Torwards Making Forms That Work

While attending Microsoft Mix earlier this spring, I stumbled upon a book called "Making Forms That Work", which was written by Caroline Jarrett and Gerry Gaffney. The book focused on building web-forms that aren't intimidating and that people will actually fill out. One of the focuses was making sure to use the right controls for the right … [Read more...]

Make an AJAX-like Multiple File Uploader with Uploadify

I'm currently working on an file manager that will be integrated with the content management system software that we developed. In doing this, I've been looking for a solution that would allow users to upload multiple files at once, does so in a very easy to use way and shows a progress bar. For this project, I don't really need to interact with … [Read more...]

Using System.IO to Create, Read, Rename and Delete Files and Folders in C# and Visual Basic

If you're making use of C# or Visual Basic for Windows Forms, ASP.NET Web Forms or ASP.NET MVC, you have access to a very powerful file-system access library that's included with Visual Studio. The library, System.IO, will allow you to create, rename, edit and delete files and folders on your system. If you are using System.IO in ASP.NET, you will … [Read more...]

How to Safely Display Your Email Address Online Without Getting Spammed

If you have a website or blog, one of your motivating factors is that you'd like to promote yourself, your services or your ideas. Typically most bloggers don't want to be writing anonymously and would like to provider their readership an easy way to contact them. Unfortunately, it's a really bad idea to let your email address set publicly on … [Read more...]

Building a Simple Image Rotator with JQuery

I was recently working on a new website for an adult fellowship group at my church and one of the tasks I had was to create an image rotator that had various bible verses on it that would transition every few seconds. Since the site was Joomla-based, I initially searched for a free plugin that would do the trick. I did find one that would do the … [Read more...]